A New Social Media Networking App Has Launched In the UAE

09 July 2020
Technology, Social networking, App, UAE
Connect with everyone at a party, all at once

Ever find yourself at separated from someone really interesting at a party and think “I wish I’d asked for their social media handles”? No, us neither, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen.

Indeed, in a world where networking is key, the ability to connect via social media with the entire guestlist at an event can be invaluable.

This technology exists already of course, dating apps have long used phones’ location services to pair you with people in your immediate vicinity, but a new app is expanding on the idea of proximity connectivity and using it to build a new social network.

ASK WHO is a new app launched in the UAE this week, which uses data from your social media accounts, and location services from your phone, to offer you the chance to connect with people nearby. It could be in the office, at a work event, even in the gym.

ASKWHO will allow you to connect to people’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn all from one place. Just open the app, save your search and connect with people at a later date.

Once you’ve signed up, you add your social accounts to the app, and it will allow you to connect with other users in your locale at the touch of a button. No more remembering usernames, no more searching for mutual on Facebook, no more trawling a hashtag from an event.

There are obvious benefits here, from connecting with colleagues at a business conference, to finding new and interesting people to collaborate with at an event like Sole DXB. 

Free to download and use, ASKWHO is available from the app store and on Google play, now.