A Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Remake Could Soon Be McTwisting Its Way Onto Your Playstation

28 November 2019
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Image: Activision

*Superman by Goldfinger intensifies*

The more you think about the impact the THPS series had on popular culture, the more mindblowing that the achievements of the franchise become. There's barely a '90s kid on earth who didn't play it at some point or another, and everyone has a certain song from the iconic soundtracks of the series' first two games that immediately starts playing in their head when they think of it. We all have memories of skipping to the settings so we could skate around to our favourite Dead Kennedys or Suicidal Tendencies song.

The importance of THPS to both gaming and skating can't really be overstated. It was one of the most iconic titles of that generation of gaming, and not only kicked off an entire genre of skate games (which sadly seems to have died off in recent years), but made massive strides towards popularising skating as both a legitimate sport and a counter-cultural pastime that came to help define an entire generation of teenagers.

Skating is, of course, now a very different beast. It's heavily commercialised. It's an Olympic sport. Through brands like Supreme and Palace, it's now even the height of fashion. But through THPS, we get to relive the days when it was synonymous with a culture also embodied by shows like Beavis and Butthead and films like American Pie and Jay and Silent Bob. If you're the right age, few games will hit your sense of nostalgia quite like it.

Now, one of the most requested video game remakes of all finally seems to be happening, with both Tony Hawks' Pro Skater and THPS 2 (the game widely regarded as the best in the series) both set to cop ground-up remakes, in the spirit of previous Activision reboots like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.

This isn't the first time that THPS has been remade. The game got an HD remaster for the Xbox 360 that no-one really seems to remember. But as they did with Spyro and Crash, it's likely that Activision will fiddle with the game mechanics, characters and environments to make it more friendly for next-gen players. THPS and THPS2 were far from perfect games, after all, and the scope for online multiplayer could also be insane.

News about the remakes initially emerged earlier this week, however they were backed up by a podcast in October where pro skater Lizzie Armato, who was in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, confirmed that "he's coming out with another one, and I'll be in that too." Hawk parted ways with Activision after the release of THPS5 two years ago, which has gone down as one of the worst games ever made.

For now, we'll be pulling on our baggy jeans and Etnies and giving this a right good thrash in our headphones.

Via GQ Australia