A Toy Cullinan SUV Designed By Rolls-Royce Just Sold For $17k USD

27 May 2020
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Images: Courtesy of Rolls Royce
You could buy yourself a running vehicle with that kind of cash. But for one lucky buyer, this fulfilled every toy dream

Our fascination with toys never quite ends, does it? Regardless of what phase of adulthood you now find yourself, if you were presented with that toy that made your Christmas wish list every year as a child, but sadly never found its way under your tree due to economic constraints or an inability to secure one in the last minute dash that is Christmas shopping, it’s unlikely that you wouldn’t break into a smile and find yourself sitting in the familiar feeling of euphoria that often accompanies those aged 5-12 on Christmas morning. For one lucky buyer, that feeling is going to linger on for the rest of their lives should they find themselves in possession of a Rolls Royce-designed toy Cullinan SUV.

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Just like the luxury vehicles Rolls Royce designs to be driven, this toy car came with a similarly hefty price tag. The toy has a starting price of $17,000 USD. According to Rolls Royce Motor Cars Beverly Hills, the commission will be processed and delivered through the dealer. The car will come perched on a plinth with its own Perspex case, allowing the lucky buyer to show off their new purchase to all those they meet.

With a 1:8-scale, the Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV was designed to the same exacting standards of every Rolls Royce vehicle. Built entirely by hand over an agonising period of 450 hours which, it should be said, is more than half the time the full-size Cullinan requires, the toy car even features the same materials as the real one in its construction. Yep, you’ll find fine wood trim, headrest embroidery and even seat piping in this toy model.

According to reports from Motor Trend, the little Cullinan can be commissioned in any of the same 40,000 standard Rolls Royce paint colours, along with any bespoke hues for an extra charge. The SUV’s 42 standard interiors can also be modified based on specification. And just in case you doubted the eye of expertise watching over the making of this toy model, even each coat of paint is hand applied and polished to a mirror finish. How’s that for perfection?

The doors, bonnet, hatch and tailgate of the model open via remote controls, which also operate the car thanks to its battery-powered interior and exterior LED lighting. That means if the conditions inside prove dark and gloomy, you can power up this bad boy by turning on the headlights and taillights, even allowing the side marker and number plate lamps to shine.

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It’s certainly enough to make LEGO look positively pedestrian and if you’ve got the money to purchase it, why not. There’s never been a more powerful drug than that of childhood nostalgia, after all. Here’s to making “vroom vroom” noises well into adulthood.

Via GQ Australia