Ahead Of Tesla’s Cybertruck Release, Here’s What Musk Has Revealed So Far

21 November 2019
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Elon Musk affectionately referred to the vehicle in his presentation as "Cyberpunk Truck," perhaps alluding to its final design

Last year, Musk teased fans on Twitter with the announcement that a Tesla pickup truck was on the cards. It certainly was unexpected, from a company known for its small, sleek vehicles like the Model Y. But nevertheless, fans didn't care. They were ensorcelled by the man and the promise of a pickup and semi truck from Tesla HQ. Back then however, Musk said the launch of Tesla's pickup truck could happen "right after" the Model Y crossover arrives, sometime between 2019 and 2020. Fans were hopeful, willing the release to come swiftly. But they never expected Musk to deliver them a Christmas miracle.

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Yep, the Tesla Cybertruck is set to be unveiled on Thursday in Los Angeles. Already, the event is garnering serious attention after Musk said earlier in the year that the "Cybertruck" is the vehicle he is more excited about than any other in Tesla's future lineup. 

As Business Insider suggests, the pickup truck could be a significant boost to Tesla’s profit margins, as the pickup trucks “tend to be more profitable for automakers than sedans. The majority of Tesla’s current sales come from its model 3 sedan.” The move to produce pickup trucks certainly seems strategic from Tesla, after pickup trucks are currently regarded as the fastest-growing segment in the US, also selling for sky-high prices. Even despite competition from brands like Ford and Rivian, Tesla are still well-placed to make a ton of money in the market.

While all will be revealed at the launch, Musk has given some indication as to the starting price and specs of the pickup truck. Earlier in June, he said the truck would start at “less than $US50,000,” putting it between the starting price of the Model 3 and the Model S sedans. He said, “It’s got to be, like, $US49,000 starting price max. Ideally less.” He added, “It just can’t be unaffordable. It’s got to be something that’s affordable.”

The Verge suggests that Thursday's event will focus on how Autopilot will change the pickup experience. As the publication states, "Musk has already claimed Tesla will have 1 million robotaxis on public roads in 2020. If he believes that, then what does he think is possible with a fully autonomous truck, regardless of whether that's even possible in this time frame?

Last June, Musk took to social media to ask Internet users what they'd like to see in the electric pickup.

Previously, Musk stated that the pickup would merely be a smaller version of Tesla’s semi, and now, the designer/CEO adds that the vehicle will “have dual motor all-wheel drive w crazy torque & a suspension that dynamically adjusts for load.”

Much like with the Model S and Model X, a dual motor powertrain will be standard on the truck, alongside dynamic suspension. In addition, the ride is said to be quite sizeable, and come outfitted with Tesla’s autopilot.

Seems like trear gate should rotate on a four bar linkage & drop down to the ground or close. Kinda like some big trucks have.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 26, 2018

With the announcement, Musk has also agreed to tackle a number of features for existing Tesla EVs. Most notably, he gave the nod to tech investor Jason Calacanis' request for an alert that lets your family know when your Tesla should arrive home.

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We'll be sure to update you on the new vehicle after its release tomorrow.

Via GQ Australia