AirPods Pro Are Sold Out And Now Re-Sellers Are Cashing In On The Hype

18 December 2019
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Image: Apple

The highly coveted earbuds from Apple are being sold for an extra $145 online

They say Christmas is the time of giving, but nowhere in the description of the festive season do they elaborate on the highly competitive nature of gift procurement. As most films centred on the holiday period tend to do, the image of Christmas is one of family, holiday time spent cosy around the fire, and eating too much food guilt-free. Only Jingle All The Way came close to depicting what Christmas is really like – i.e. elbow shoving your way through crowds to get the last of the remaining “good” gifts.

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While we may have moved on from Turbo Man – the prized doll depicted in the film – such scenes seem to be imitated in real life over the Apple AirPod Pro. According to reports from CNBC, the earbuds that were released in late October have now sold out from nearly every major online retailer, including Walmart, Target, Amazon and even Best Buy in the United States. Even Apple’s own stores ran out of the product in November, and it seems the few stores that have the earbuds still available in-store only offer them in limited supply, with customers having to contact each individual store to ask if the earbuds are available.

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But sadly, for those needing the AirPods Pro to please a certain significant other or friend over the Christmas period, you’ll have to give the gift of love – or whatever else you can muster in the remaining days until the unwrapping of gifts ensues. The only solution to procuring AirPods Pro now are to hit up wireless carriers like Verizon, which claim they can ship the product by December 27 while AT&T and T-mobile remain sold out.

Alternatively, you can reach deeper into your pocket. Ebay has seen a number of accounts resell the product, only they won’t come cheaply. Instead, the earbuds will cost you an extra $US100 to set you back a total of $656. And if that just won’t do, you can even buy some more elaborate AirPods Pro, courtesy of the big retailers and designers that are putting their own luxury spin on the earbuds. Clearly, these people don’t exercise Christmas spirit but are instead focused on making serious profit from other people’s misfortune.

Via GQ Australia