All Blacks Legend Dan Carter Unveils The Rugby Ball He Designed With Louis Vuitton

25 September 2019
Dan Carter, Rugby, Louis Vuitton
The Brand’s First Foray Into Rugby Is An Excellent Try

In the midst of the Rugby World Cup, Louis Vuitton unveiled their first ever rugby today, designed by former New Zealand fly half, Dan Carter.

The ball, which will be released exclusively in Japan where Carter now plays rugby, is the result of a collaboration between him and Vuitton’s in-house artisans.

All Blacks Legend Dan Carter Unveils The Rugby Ball He Designed With Louis Vuitton

Made from a contemporary monogrammed canvas and featuring a cowhide patch emblazoned with Carter’s signature, each ball comes with its own carry harness and tee.

Now, if a Louis Vuitton rugby ball was to fall into our possession, booting it around a field would not be top of our agenda. But then, we’re not one of the best rugby players ever to do it.  Pleasingly enough, Dan Carter has other ideas.

Asked what he’s going to do with the ball he said: “This sounds bad, but I will probably kick it through the posts. As much as I'd love to sit it in my house as a beautiful piece, there is just something that I need to do whenever I have a ball in my hand and that's kick it.  I’m going to find the goal posts and I am going to kick the ball through the posts because that's just what I am so used to. I will be so worried about getting it dirty, doing any damage to it, so I'll quickly grab it, clean it like it's my baby, and get it perfect again, and then put it there for people to enjoy and to pass on to my children.  My children will probably kick it too much, and they can pass it onto their children, and it will be around for generations.”

That doesn’t sound bad to us at all, Dan. After all, what use is a ball if it can’t be kicked?