An Underrated Classic Aston Could Get A Cameo In The New Bond Film

By Brad Nash
13 June 2019
James Bond, Aston Martin, Daniel Craig
The heat-seeking missiles are yet to be confirmed

James Bond's arsenal of vehicular gadgetry is the stuff of legend, and naturally as a result, the only thing that seems to have dominated the conversation around the latest bond film more than who will take over as the secret agent after Daniel Craig (and maybe the general production nightmare that Bond 25 has been), is the subject of the cars he'll be driving.

After all, Bond's choice of tricked out luxury car, have been an extension of the feeling of suave-yet-dangerous, timelessly cool Britishness the character has come to embody so much in the national psyche. A Bond car has to be fast, it has to be exclusive, it has to be desirable, and it has to be built by Her Majesty's finest, all with the view of getting everyone's inner anglophiles cheering and waving their Union Jacks around in misty-eyed pride.

This sentiment also makes it very easy for the films' makers to play on people's past sense of nostalgia. The scene in Skyfall when Daniel Craig first gets into his Aston Martin DB5 is enough to make you want to launch into an impromptu rendition of 'God Save The Queen'.

But in a strange throwback to a bygone era of Bond films, it also appears that an oft-overlooked classic Bond car will also make a comeback in the form of the Aston Martin Series II Vantage V8.

James Bond Aston Martin

Bond fans will immediately remember the Vantage as the car that Timothy Dalton skiied to safety in The Living Daylights. Non-bond fans will simply wonder who Timothy Dalton is. Even so, it's an iconic Bond car and one that Q was particularly proud of, having been fitted with lasers in the front wheel hubcaps, heat-seaking missiles, bulletproof windows and doors and tyre spikes.

According to Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, who are reporting on filming taking place on the country's Atlantic coast (Scandi-Noir Bond, anyone?), the classic Aston was spotted filming a chase scene, red camera helicopter in tow.

And as ever, speculation about Bonds' choice of wheels has been rampant since filming begun on the project earlier this year. Some car outlets have reported that he'll be spending a good chunk of the film in Aston's somewhat-underwhelming stab at an all-electric car, the Rapide E. As ever, SUVs like the Range Rover will also make an appearance.

The as-of-yet untitled Bond 25 film will reportedly hit cinemas in April next year.

Via GQ Australia