Apple iOS 13.5 Will Come With Covid-19 Proximity Notifications

24 May 2020
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Image: Apple
New features also include face ID updates and more

When it comes to updating anything, most of us are reluctant to do so. Whether it’s laziness or just sheer annoyance at the pop-up that continues to infiltrate our screens, updates can be a tricky situation. After all, we’ve just spent the last several months learning how to use the new features, and now they want us to ditch them for something new and improved? Outrageous.

Thankfully, when it comes to Apple’s iOS beta updates, you stand to gain more by updating than by not doing so. Yes it can be tough to navigate the new features initially, but it doesn’t take long for you to bring them into your repertoire and start exclaiming juts how genius they are. And when it comes to the latest iOS 13.5 that is expected to be released to the public shortly, the tech giant has gone above and beyond to deliver new features that aren’t only helpful and beneficial to increasing efficiency, but also incredibly relevant to the current climate we’re all living in.

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Here’s everything we know that’s featured in the upcoming iOS 13.5 update.

Face ID improved recognition

With Covid-19 resulting in us all now wearing masks as soon as we venture outside, Face ID has now been improved so that it recognises when someone is wearing a mask and skips directly to the passcode screen. You’ll still need to remove the mask to unlock the phone, but the new update speeds up access to the passcode field on devices. The feature will work with the App Store, App Books, Apple Pay, iTunes and other apps as well that require signing in with Face ID.

Changes to FaceTime calls

If you’ve been using FaceTime lately to keep in touch with all your friends, you’ve probably found yourself bemoaning the tiles which constantly flit between faces depending on who is talking. Thankfully, that’s going to end with the latest iOS beta which will now give participants the option to control automatic prominence on Group FaceTime calls so the video tiles don’t change size when a person speaks.

Covid-19 exposure notifications

While some have been incredulous as to whether this is all just a rouse for the government to control our movements and infiltrate privacy (don’t you just love a conspiracy theory), Apple are fitting the new version of iOS with a more polished version of the company’s own Covid-19 exposure notification API.

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This new feature will mean that when two people are in close range, a proximity that will be detected by Bluetooth, their phones will exchange anonymous identifiers. If an individual is then diagnosed with Covid-19, their device will create a list of everybody they’ve been in contact with to the cloud. The second person’s phone will then receive a list of everyone that has tested positive in the area. If a match occurs, they will be prompted to contact health authorities.

Apple’s new iOS 13.5 is expected to be released shortly. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any information as it unfolds.

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