Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developer Conference Is Going Virtual

15 June 2020
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Image: Apple
It’s the company’s biggest event of the year and in 2020, it will be online-only

The release of any Apple product typically draws a crowd, with tech fiends and the Apple-obsessed lining up for hours just to be one of the first to snag the new device. And while most of us can only marvel at such dedication, the crowds pale in comparison to those drawn to the tech giant’s Worldwide Developers Conference, an event held each year that brings together Apple insiders, influencers and press. It’s here that new devices are unveiled, talked about, and that new features are explained to the masses. It’s like the Oscars of the tech world, only instead of awards it’s a series of energetic speeches supported by flashy PowerPoint presentations. 2020 promised the biggest WWDC to date, but of course Covid-19 came and disrupted it all. Intent on following through with their plan however, Apple has since announced WWDC20 will still be its “biggest-ever,” only it will be an online-only event.

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The 31st iteration of the annual conference will take place from June 22 to 26. Apple’s Newsroom has revealed the exact programming including the times of specific moments which typically includes keynote speeches revealing insights from Apple’s top developers and engineers. To put things in perspective, last year’s Special Event Keynote divulged key details on iOS 13’s Dark mode and other forthcoming features. And this year, such a speech will kick off the conference at 1pm EST on June 22.

On June 23, Apple’s engineers will get to enjoy some time in the spotlight as they launch the first of over 100 Developer Forums. Topics will centre around app-building advice, meaning any budding entrepreneurs who find themselves sitting on a genius app idea should be tuning in. Developers will also be able to request one-on-one appointments with Apple engineers for in-depth guidance in its Developer Labs program.

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While there’s definitely something to be said about the hype and excitement that comes with being in a room with some of the most innovative and creative tech geniuses, the upside is that by making the event online-only, now we can all join in the fun. Apple’s WWDC20 event will be available to stream from June 22 on a number of platforms, including Apple’s own website, the Apple Developer app and website, Apple TV and YouTube. And for those worried about the time-zone difference, it will be available for on-demand playback once concluded.

Via GQ Australia