Apple's Rumoured Airpods Pro Lite Are Basically The Coke Zero Of Tech

17 February 2020
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Image: Apple

Ever feel like the tech giants are taking the piss a little bit?

Silicon Valley has become notorious over the years for its history of matching every genuinely useful innovations with about 25 utterly useless ones. Often, said products should never have been let off of the whiteboard and on to the factory floor in the first place. But when it comes to the tech giants who can afford to make about whatever they want, the goal seems to be more about filling gaps in the market that never really existed in the first place, like dual-screen laptops, 3D TVs and internet fridges.

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Now to their credit, Apple have always been fairly well renowned for their minimalist approach to creating product. Their laptop line-up consists of anywhere between two and three models. They have just two desktop computers, and even though it seems like there are countless iPhones to choose from, they all offer practically the same experience. So why the ever-loving hell have we gotten word that the company that makes the "entry-level" Airpods and the new Airpods Pro have decided to green-light a product that sits somewhere in between?

News first began to emerge of a potential new Airpod variant, rumoured to be called the Airpods Pro Lite, early this week, courtesy of reports from Taiwanese tech news website Digitimes.

It's not really known whether they'll act as an actual successor to the Airpods Pro, but it's unlikely due to the fact that the Pros came out barely 4 months ago. It's thought instead that the Pro Lites will boast the look of the Airpods Pro, which some may feel fit more comfortably in their ears for longer listening, without the functionality of Noise cancelling that the Airpod Pros offer. Like the Coke Zero to the original Airpods' diet, we suppose.

Still, that's a hell of a small market to spend millions of dollars trying to capture, especially given most people have made their decision on if they actually want a pair of Airpods or not.

The Taiwanese report that dropped the news actually did so inadvertently — as it was actually relaying news that Apple was planning to shift its supply lines to Taiwan to aid production capabilities on certain models, when the list of products to be affected was released, it included the before-unknown Airpods Pro Lite, which immediately made headlines.

The logical move for Apple here would be to use the Airpods Pro Lite as a direct replacement for the Original Airpods, which would have the dual benefit of not only making every pair of hypebeast airpods worn right now immediately obsolete, but spare Apple the blushes of releasing something that feels like a complete cash grab. Even so, given the fact that silicon-tipped earphones have been people's preference for basically the last decade, you have to wonder why they didn't just release them like this in the first place. In more tech news, check out the 5 Cool Things about the New Motorola Razr.

Via GQ Australia