Aston Martin Have Revealed The First Snaps Of Their DB4 Zagato Reboot

By Brad Nash
14 April 2019
Aston Martin
Credit: Aston Martin
The British marque has brought one of their most iconic racing cars back to life, and it'll cost a cool $7.9 million

Alongside the Bond-era DB5, the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato is one of the British marque's cars that really needs no introduction. Utterly gorgeous and ravishingly fast for its time, it now stands among the rarest and most valuable of the cars ever put out by Aston, and still stands as one of the most desirable cars ever made.

As part of a recent trend of classic car manufacturers reviving their most classic models for ultra-exclusive, ultra-expensive limited runs, Aston Martin last year decided to bring one of their most iconic racing cars back to life, and now they've shared the first images of the cars now that their bodies and engines have taken shape.

Only 19 of the cars are set to be made, the body of the first being what you see here. Each one will be brought to life at Aston's Heritage Division at its Newport Pagnell facility.

Of course, the car is being built from the ground up to deliver something as close to the Zagato's original driving experience as possible, making use of modern materials and production techniques to refine the experience for the modern era.

Credit: Aston Martin

For those still unaware, the 'Zagato' was a lightened, stiffened, and remodeled version of the original Aston Martin DB4 GT — at the time the company's fastest car and its competitor in sports car races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Named after the Italian design firm that helped remodel it, the Zagato was lightened and into a smaller, more aerodynamic car, using aluminium instead of steel for some of its engine components and taking away all non-essential elements inside and out.

A Tadek Marek-designed 280KW "twin spark" straight-six engine will rest under the hood — a 35KW upgrade on the early '60s original. The panels of the car, which are still handmade using lightweight sheet aluminium, will be modeled on a digital body buck to help make the car look as flawless as possible
The car will be released alongside the Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato, seen largely as the spiritual successor to the car and the pinnacle of the 'DB' line right now, as a package to celebrate Zagato's 100th birthday.

Credit: Aston Martin

As with other classic car continuations like Jaguar's rebooted series of D-Types, these cars are not going to be at all cheap. The rebooted DB4 will sell for about $7.9 million, and comes paired alongside the DBS Zagato that will be delivered to them a year later. Two cars for the price of one, then.

Via GQ Australia