Aston Martin Now Makes Racing Simulators, If You Have A Spare $73K Lying Around

17 September 2020
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Images: Courtesy of Aston Martin
Built to replicate the real-world Valkyrie race car

Anyone with even a passing interest in real-world motorsports, whether it be F1, NASCAR, rallying or touring cars, will tell you that in the world of racing, Esports is now a pretty big deal. This was highlighted particularly over the last 6 months, during which COVID-19 lockdowns brought a global end to real-world racing in pretty much every major championship.

In response, many series brought their product online for the first time, enlisting real-world drivers and gaming stars alike to race virtually to keep fans engaged.

The move brought a burgeoning virtual racing world into the limelight, highlighting not only the talents of the fastest gamers in cyberspace, but the merits of watching virtual racing as a genuine sport. And even now that real-world racing has resumed once more, the interest in motorsports games is at an unparalleled high.

All of this has created a major opportunity for the companies making extremely expensive, extremely extra race simulators to get their products seen by people around the world. And wanting a slice of the pie for themselves, Aston Martin have become the first real supercar manufacturer to release one of their own. Naturally, with a price tag of just under $73k, it's about as Aston Martin as you can imagine.

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Dubbed the AMR-C01, the Esports rig is a collaboration between Aston and Curv: a simulator company founded by Aston Martin works GT driver Darren Turner, who himself has won three Le Mans 24 Hour races racing for the brand. Designed to be the pinnacle of simulator set-ups in every way, the AMR-C01 has a bespoke leather racing seat attached to a body "shaped to invoke the signature Aston Martin racing grille."

The driving position in the simulator has been set up to replicate what it feels like in an Aston Martin Valkyrie racing car, with the seat, pedals, steering wheel, and giant curved monitor all adding to the sense of realism and speed.

Like many other simulators, the rig will come pre-installed with the Assetto Corsa racing software, offering drivers the chance to take to the track in all manner of realistically-rendered cars, from hot hatches to Ferrari F1 cars. Aston Martin's own cars - the Valkyrie included - are available to download as well, of course.

You can find out more about the sim at Curv's website.

Via GQ Australia