Audi's Latest Tech Will Help Make Your Commute Red Light-Free

By Brad Nash
20 February 2019
Audi, Traffic
Credit: Audi
Traffic Light Information system is designed not only to make your commute far smoother, but ease congestion for just about everyone else

Everyone's been in the situation where they think that, somehow, fate has deemed that on a certain day they're just destined to cop every single red light, turning a half-hour minute commute into a 50 minute slog.

But if Audi has their way with the world, the days of cautiously approaching a green light and letting out a whispered expletive when it turns orange will soon be over.

The German carmaker, who has lately been paving the way in automotive tech through cars like the all-electric E-tron, have started rolling out what they call the Traffic Light Information system in certain American cities, which is designed not only to make your commute far smoother, but ease congestion for just about everyone else.

According to Popular Science, the technology is currently working in 13 metropolitan areas with more than 4,600 intersections, and those numbers are growing.

The tech is simple, yet incredibly clever, and contains just about everything you've ever daydreamed of while stuck in a traffic jam or been hit with what feels like every red light feasibly possible during your drive in to the CBD.

Traffic signals fitted with Audi's tech relays information on their status to the local municipalities of a certain city, which then feeds that information to Audi’s technical partner, Traffic Technology Services.

This information is then beamed into Audi's latest cars, which are fitted with 4G wireless tech, which can then display to you not only the status of the next traffic light you're set to roll up to, but also give you an indication of the speed you need to travel at in order to avoid it turning red.

If you do cop a red, the car will provide a countdown of how long you've got until it turns green.

Audi hopes that every intersection in every major city will eventually be covered by the tech, which in turn will help to keep traffic flowing far more smoothly, making commutes quicker, car traffic more efficient, and congestion less of a problem for city planners.

Whether or not other car companies begin to invest in this tech is another matter, which according to Balaji Yelchuru, Senior Strategist for Audi Connected Data, has deemed "a bit of a chicken and egg problem."

"But as more manufacturers add the technology, cities should have more incentive to install smart traffic signals," he said. Either way, Audi have taken the first proper steps towards a red light-free world, which can only be a good thing.

Via GQ Australia