Bang & Olufsen Bring The Noise

03 March 2020
Tech, Gadget, Speaker, Bang & Olufsen
Minimalist design, maximalist performance, Bang & Olufsen’s first TV soundbar is ready to blow your mind

The metamorphosis of the humble television has been nothing short of meteoric in the last two decades. Ultra-HD and 4K are no longer enough – dynamic contrast and adaptive backlighting make you feel as if the animals on Planet Earth are about to stroll straight into your living room. But there’s one area that needs an upgrade in order to get that full cinema-quality experience: sound.

Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before Bang & Olufsen launched a TV soundbar, and lo, the Beosound Stage has just dropped in the region. It promises a deep bass and powerful sound from a single bar, thanks to its 11 speaker drivers, each powered by their own 50-watt amplifier. The result, for all the audio geeks out there, is a stunning, three-channel, DSP-based loudspeaker to rock your world.

Don’t know what any of that means? Totally cool. All you need to know is that it’s good. Very good, in fact. And the latest technology in multi-channel audio, Dolby Atmos, takes its quality to the next level. This three-dimensional effect gives the impression that sound is moving around the room, whether that be a plane flying overhead or someone moving behind you. It’s kind of frightening, kind of exciting.

Different content calls for different listening modes – so whether you’re knee-deep in the latest Marvel megafilm or watching Springsteen on Broadway, there’s an option to suit. Once you’ve selected the mode, you can fine-tune the sound using the brand’s equaliser, ToneTouch.

Unlike other soundbars on the market, the design isn’t an eyesore. Created in collaboration with Danish studio Norm Architects, it has a Scandinavian feel that you’ll actually feel proud to show off. The frame comes in natural aluminium, bronze-tone aluminium or smoked oak, allowing it to blend into the background of any home.

“We created Beosound Stage as a powerful soundbar that doesn’t rely on a subwoofer or satellites to create an immersive experience,” says Christoffer Østergaard Poulsen, vice president of product management at Bang & Olufsen. “The first time you hear Beosound Stage, the impact of the deep, powerful sound hits you immediately, and the simple minimalistic Scandinavian design makes it stand out like a piece of furniture. It is simply clean, elegant and very powerful.”

And in a time when tech has come so far, why should your ears settle for any less?

Bang & Olufsen, The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue.