Bill Gates Bought A Porsche And Made Elon Musk Very Angry

20 February 2020
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Image: Porsche

Musk took aim at the billionaire, saying their recent conversations were “underwhelming” and the recent purchase by Gates was disappointing

When you get two billionaires talking, it’s inevitable that there will be a clash of egos arising at some point. Especially when you consider the fact that the billionaires in question also happen to be some of the world’s best innovators, creative problem-solvers, and geniuses in their respective fields.

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While a match up between Bill Gates and Elon Musk doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Conor McGregor taking on an opponent, this spat is already making for some entertaining Twitter trolling.

It all started when Bill Gates went out and purchased an electric car. Not just any electric car mind you, but specifically one that isn’t a Tesla. Despite pushing for other carmakers to go electric, following the successful models produced by Tesla, Gates actually went out and bought one from a different company – notably Porsche. The Porsche Taycan was first announced as the Mission E concept car back in 2015 and stands as a vehicle that reaches ludicrous speeds all while boasting an electronic motor. It is able to charge at a rate of around 270kW, thanks to an Electrify America charging stations that are able to go as high as 350kW – a figure that bests what Tesla’s cars can currently take and what the company’s new third-generation Superchargers deliver, too.

And while purchases made by Gates don’t necessarily always make headlines, when he was interviewed by YouTuber Marques Brownlee about the car, he described the Porsche purchase as one “very, very cool” ride. You would certainly hope so, given that Gates’s new car has a stating price of $103,800 USD. But as the German manufacturer’s first all-electric vehicle, the Porsche Taycan is a direct rival of Tesla’s electric models.

But not one to let a comment go unanswered, Musk utilised the unofficial newsletter of Tesla – aptly titled “Tesletter” – to respond to what he deemed to be a disappointing conversation from Gates. The Tesletter read, “I’m disappointed because a lot of people are going to watch the interview and they are going to trust Bill’s word for it and not even consider EV’s. Why? Because Bill Gates is a really smart guy!”

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And when a Twitter user also alerted Musk to the acquisition made by Gates, he said simply that their conversations had been “underwhelming.”

Sadly for Musk, it seems the jury was siding with Gates on this one. Twitter users responded, “He’s only saving millions of lives around the world”, while another wrote, “You want to be Tesla customer service.”

Via GQ Australia