Elon Musk Claims The Tesla Model Y Will Be Revealed In March

By Brad Nash
06 March 2019
Tesla, Elon Musk
Image: Tesla
Everything you need to know about Tesla's first entry into the crossover market

It barely feels like a couple of months ago that Tesla's do-it-all family runabout, the Model X, first hit showroom and shopping mall floors around the world. And given that more recent news surrounding Tesla has largely been that of delays, low profits and underwhelming sales figures, you'd expect that the company would be opting for a period of playing it safe. For now, at least. But you don't know Elon Musk.

In fact Tesla's Model X has, despite the viral popularity of the Model S and the very, very public development hell that the smaller Model 3 went through, emerged as perhaps the company's greatest success story so far.

The SUV has made waves for all the right reasons: helping the company to perfect the art of making a liveable all-electric car affordable, while providing the level of excitement befitting of the Tesla Badge.

Here, for instance, is a seemingly innocent (stock) Tesla Model X taking a Lamborghini Aventador S to task on the drag strip.

Clearly buoyed by the success of the Model X so far and, perhaps, much to the Chagrin of their investors, Tesla are reportedly already keen to launch its spiritual successor.

This may seem a little soon, but the Model X has actually been around for almost 5 years now, and while initial teaser renders of the car released by Tesla would make it seem like it's simply a Tesla Model X 2, if you will, the reality according to Elon Musk is a little different.

Image: Tesla

According to TechCrunch, Musk himself revealed to investors during the company's quarterly earnings call that the Model Y will actually be something of a Crossover SUV, built in the mould of the Model X but using the same platform and about 75% of the components from the smaller Model 3.

Despite the Model 3's aforementioned production problems, Musk has perhaps rather boldly claimed that the same issues won't affect the Model Y when it goes into production late next year. Tesla predict it'll go into production faster, mainly due to the fact that it'll be made at the company's 'Gigafactory' in Nevada.
The Model 3, conversely, was hampered by issues stemming from the fact Tesla had to ship parts from Nevada to their other plant in Califonia to finish it off.
This, Musk claims, means that the Model Y should ultimately sell higher than its compact brother.
“This year should be a truly exciting one for Tesla,” the company said in the shareholder letter. “Model 3 will become a global product, the profitability of our business should become sustainably positive, our new Gigafactory Shanghai should start producing cars, and we will start tooling for Model Y production.”

He's since confirmed on Twitter that the car, ahead of its presumed 2020 launch date, will be unveiled to the world properly on March 14. This week will go down as a pretty momentous period for the company, which finally also made the Model 3 available for purchase.



Via GQ Australia