Everything Set To Go Down At This Year's Not E3 Virtual Event

16 May 2020
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COVID-19 may have put the illustrious gaming show on ice for a year, but with the next-generation due this year, there's plenty still to be announced

2020 couldn't have been a worse year for a global pandemic to scupper the gaming world's biggest trade show. After all, 2020 will bring with it the next generation of consoles, something that really only happens once or twice every decade, making this year and next a period that could make or break gaming giants like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Meanwhile, the world is waiting with baited breath to see just how big of a leap forward we've taken.

As such, E3's forced decision to cancel its 2020 event came at a particularly inopportune moment for many of these companies. But while the annual expo is often the chance for them to make their biggest, most extravagant marketing pitch of the entire year, in 2020, they're going to have to get creative.

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As such, an event set to take place over the next month, informally dubbed Not E3, will take the form of a series of independent online events organised by some of the world's biggest game companies and developers and timed to give gaming fans the sort of annual news and updates that they've come to expect this time of year.

This means that we'll likely get even more news on the latest consoles and unannounced games on the way at the end of the year, alongside vital updates on some of the most anticipated titles still yet to drop. Here's everything scheduled so far.

June 7, Geurrilla Collective

A three-day digital event highlighting the latest and greatest developments in Indie gaming, Guerrilla Collective will offer presentations from more than 20 independent studios, many of whom are credited with bringing out some of the best games of the past few years, including Zombie Army 4, Steamworld: Quest, Disco Elysium, Baldur’s Gate III and Mutant Year: Zero

June 8, The PC Gaming Show

While rarely packed with internet-breaking announcements, the PC gaming show is nonetheless an important space for hardcore PC purists to get updates on the games that have come to define the platform over the years.

June 8, The Future Games Show

Straight after the PC Gaming Show will come The Future Games Show, hosted by PC Gamer's sister site GamesRadar. With it, of course, will come announcements galore, with "exclusive trailers," info, and "deep dives on existing AAA and indie games, focusing on current (and next-gen) consoles, mobile and streaming platforms."

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June 12, CD Projekt Red Night City Wire

For the first time since the release of The Witcher 3, Polish developer CD Projekt Red once again have the hottest upcoming property in gaming in the form of R-rated open-world megalith Cyberpunk 2077. And while the drip-feed of info on the game has been pretty constant over the past year Night City Wire will likely be the biggest deep dive into the game's story and build yet.

June 12, EA Play 2020

EA's showcase event, in which they'll undoubtedly take the covers off their latest sporting projects and give us an even greater look into how they'll adapt their projects for Next-Gen consoles, will take place on June 12 this year. Rumour has it they'll also announce a raft of games, including a potential reboot for the ill-fated Anthem.

July 13, Ubisoft Move Forward

Ubisoft once again made headlines a couple of weeks back with the epic-looking Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, so expect their July event to pack even more info on how the Viking-themed instalment in the iconic franchise will come together. It's also thought that Move Forward will bring with it more details on the still-delayed release of Watch Dogs: Legion.

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July, Xbox 20/20

The company set to bring out the Xbox Series X late this year has been releasing monthly announcements about its upcoming products for a while now, but it's thought that their July Xbox 20/20 event will really show off the work that Microsoft's 15 in-house game studios have done to build a unique set of games for their new console. Expect word on the new Halo release as well.

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