Exclusive Preview: The Motorola Razr Is Coming For Your Smartphone

06 February 2020
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GQ Middle East gets exclusive access to the all-new Motorola Razr, and spends a day snapping it shut like a boss

The New Motorola Razr

To the casual observer, the return of the Razr could well feel like Motorola cashing in on a spot of nostalgia. Who doesn’t love an old-school swerve, right? But, actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Here we have the world’s first clamshell smartphone, with beefed-up battery power, a super-wide screen and enough functions to keep you interested well after unboxing endorphins have plummeted.

As far as Motorola is concerned, your current smartphone is dull, unimaginative, boring. It’s all mouth and no oversized Louis Vuitton trousers. Yeah, it might well be packed with tech, but function shouldn’t come at the cost of form. As far as they are concerned, the Motorola Razr is a bold and flippy artistic statement.

Here’s what you need to know

Flip Mode

First thing’s first. Anybody who remembers the original Motorola Razr back in 2004, will know that the biggest move on the block was the highly addictive snapping shut of your phone. Thankfully that’s lost none of its lustre in 2020. We snapped the heck out of this thing in our few hours with the phone, and the bendy OLED screen – a work in progress since 2015 – lost none of its quality. Sidenote: thanks to the zero-gap hinge (Motorola is very proud of this) the phone sits flush when open. We’re talking no dust build-up, people!

OG Power

Any phone that features and OG move like the snap-shut needs the tech to back up the attitude. Powered by a Snapdragon 710 processor, the Razr has 128 GB of storage, 6 GB of memory, and two batteries – you can use the patented TurboCharger that offers hours more battery time with just minutes spent plugged in.

When it comes to camera options, you’ve got 16 MB and stellar Night Vision. We’re willing to bet big that you’ll use the heck out of the Cinemagraph mode, too, which basically allows you to keep one aspect of your image in motion while everything else hits freeze.

Bigger Is Better

The beauty here is that you have two screen modes to choose from. Motorola has realised that, occasionally, you have little time to open a phone. With that in mind, they encourage you to use the 2.7-inch screen in the shut mode. Check notifications, make smart payments, even shake it to wake up a selfie cam. Then when the need arises, flip the thing open and marvel at the seamless on-screen transition. And when you’re in open mode, things go big! A 6.2-inch Flex View display with 21:9 aspect ratio big, to be exact. 

The Verdict

While the operating takes a little getting used to – it feels very different to an iPhone, for example – it doesn’t take long to find yourself moving intuitively from function to function. It’s a learning curve, and you’ll unlock hidden tips and tricks along the way – we loved that you can chop and shake your phone to perform various functions.

The different styling is certainly going to be a plus for many, and those who remember the original Razr will be drawn back to the snap for sure. Even the box it comes in has been thought through to offer that little extra, doubling as a sound amplifier and looking reasonably menacing in the process.

Whether this will be enough to tempt you away from your current phone only time will tell, but Motorola is betting big on it, and offering a luxe service in the process – they have dedicated repair lines and will actually come to you to fix your phone if there’s a problem. And you know what that means? In 2020, you can snap your Razr shut as merrily as you like.

Motorola Razr, $1635, pre-order from February 9, on shelves from February 25