Gaming Beds Could Be The Next Big Thing For Our Introverted Generation

14 March 2020
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Image: Courtesy of Bauhutte
From all-in-one single bed set-ups to $100,000 chambers owned by hip-hop royalty

There's no doubt now that gaming is a thoroughly flex-worthy pastime. Drake upped his gaming clout by becoming the first mega-celebrity to stream (and get hacked in) Fortnite, while rappers, NBA players and everyone else connected with that world routinely indulge in games from Call of Duty to FIFA and NBA 2K.

(Image: Courtesy of Bauhutte)

With more money to be made than ever in the act of simply being good at games and the pastime's mainstream popularity becoming more normalised as a result, introversion is becoming the new normal, and companies are springing up all over the place to take advantage of it. Take, for instance, Japanese furniture manufacturer Bauhutte, who alongside their specialised offering of gaming desks and simulator rigs, now do a great trade specialising in gamer-exclusive bed set-ups.

Aimed towards a Japanese demographic that's high in personal needs but short on space, their latest gaming bed comes with basically everything you need to play, eat and drink for days on end, with specialised storage for your consoles, monitors, food, drinks, games and just about everything else you'd want to squeeze into a normal bedside drawer.

(Image: Courtesy of Bauhutte)

The bed also comes with specialised gaming blankets and pillows to make sure you're perfectly propped up and ready to take on the action. The entire set-up, including every storage space, the bed and manchester, will set you back around $1,500.

(Image: Courtesy of Hi-Interiors)

Clearly then, it's a trend. But few have ever taken this as far as American-come-English rapper 21 Savage, a friend of whom took to Instagram to show off an insane $100,000 gaming bed, now owned by the rapper, that's just about everything you could ever ask for in your sleeping quarters.

(Image: Courtesy of Hi-Interiors)

In the now-deleted Instagram post, Savage explained, “That’s how we comin’ all 2019. Everything exclusive, everything one of one, man, no number two... This is what a $100,000 bed looks like right here. It’s got shades and all that type of shit… One of one. The first one in America with it, man.”

Of course, the creation of a product of Milan-based design company Hi-Interiors, is just a bed. But it's a thoroughly tricked out one at that, it's main highlight coming in the form of its front panel, which plays host to what looks like a huge projector TV.

Built into the sides of the bed are also shades that can be opened and lowered to deal with different lighting needs, and what we can only assume is a plethora of consoles and games underneath.

It also has a built-in audio system, however as anyone who's ever played Fortnite will tell you, you'll probably still want to play with headphones unless you want to end up with crippling paranoia.

(Image: Courtesy of Hi-Interiors)

While 21 claimed that the bed is a one-of-one, it's now been revealed as a 'Smart Bed' made by Italian smart furniture manufacturer Hi-Interiors.

Aside from its obvious gaming capabilities, the HiCan ("High-Fidelity Canopy") also has the ability to monitor sleep patterns and adjust pillows with the push of a button.

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