Here's Every Major Game Confirmed For The PS5 So Far

17 June 2020
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Sony's Future of Gaming event announcements, while wide and varied, were just the tip of a gaming iceberg. And while much hype was quite rightly generated by the unveiling of a heap of exclusive new titles to go along with the console itself, dozens of more games are planned to arrive to co-incide with, and follow, the launch of the PS5, many of which will be available to play on the next-gen console only.

Taking advantage of the giant steps forward the console's development will represent in personal gaming, they're set to achieve new benchmarks in immersion, storytelling and interactive entertainment, while re-imagining long-loved gaming experiences from franchises we already know.

Here's every major title we know so far that's set to land on the PS5 at launch and beyond.

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Release date: Late 2020

The much-hyped next title in the Assassin's Creed series will transport players to Viking england, putting the player into the shoes of a raider who has to found his own settlement while seeing off resistance from across the British isles and beyond. It'll apparently have the biggest in-game world of any AC title thus far.

Watch the trailer here.

Astro's Playroom - Release date: Late 2020 (launch title)

The only title set to come pre-installed on every PS5 console at launch, Astro's Playroom will apparently use platforming and fun mini-games to fully show off the capabilities of the PS5's fancy new DualShock 5 controller.

Watch the trailer here.

Battlefield 6 - Release date: 2021

EA have had scant little success finding critical acclaim with their recent offerings in the Battlefield FPS franchise, but the series' sixth major game, which will reportedly shift back to a modern-day setting, could provide just the remedy.

Control - Release date: TBA

Winner of a ton of game awards for both its unique take on third-person action game play and its art direction, Remedy's thoroughly spooky adventure Control is quite rightly also making its way onto next-gen consoles.

Watch the trailer here.

DEATHLOOP - Release date: TBA

Another title that'll be a PS5 exclusive at launch, Death Loop looks set to be a stunningly stylish, slightly quirky FPS from the minds at Arkane Studios, the people that brought us the Dishonored franchise.

Watch the trailer here.

Demon's Souls - Release date: TBA

The game that kicked off an entire franchise of brutally hard slashers in Dark Souls and BloodborneDemon's Souls will get a 2020-spec remake to capture the game's stunning scenery and incredible monsters in all their glory.

Watch the trailer here.

Destiny 2 - Release date: TBA

Space-based RPG Destiny 2 is yet another PS4 title successful, and wide-reaching, enough to warrant further play-time on PS5. We're sure it'll be even bigger and grander than ever before as a result.

DiRT 5 - Release date: TBA

Codemaster's multi-faceted rally series has garnered much acclaim for its fun gameplay and varied approach to motorsport over the years, and DiRT 5 will undoubtedly feature more cars and types of off-road racing than ever.

Watch the trailer here.

Dying Light 2 - Release date: TBA

After more than 5 years, first-person Zombie-survival game Dying Light is receiving its much-awaited sequel, with the switch to both PS5 and Xbox series X promising better graphics and more chaotic zombie killing than ever before.

Watch the trailer here.

Fortnite - Release date: late 2021 (launch title)

It's only natural that the most profitable game in recent history makes its way into the new generation, and Epic Games have confirmed that the battle royale smash will indeed hit PS5 at the console's launch.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Release date: 2021

The latest major title from Fallout and Skyrim developers Bethesda, Ghostwire Tokyo is an action-adventure set inside a supernaturally-afflicted Japanese capital. It'll be a PS5 exclusive at launch.

Watch the trailer here.

Godfall - Release date: December 2020

Slasher-looter RPG Godfall, developed by the same team that helped bring Destiny 2 to life, was the first major title announced for PS5 a few months back.

Watch the trailer here.

Gran Turismo 7 - Release date: TBA

The reflections! The tracks! The next stand-alone title in the Gran Turismo series was always going to look gorgeous when it arrived, and Polyphony's next major title, which seems like it'll go more back to the series' original routes, hasn't disappointed on visual splendour.

Watch the trailer here.

Grand Theft Auto V - Release date: late 2021

Disappointing many who were hoping to hear news of a new game in the franchise, Rockstar used Sony's event to announce that an "expanded and enhanced" Grand Theft Auto V will, for the meantime, receive a port for PS5.

Watch the trailer here.

Hitman III - Release date: January 2021

A new stand-alone entry into the rebooted Hitman series, the third major story of the franchise will take the iconic bald assassin will apparently close out this story arc in locations like Dubai.

Watch the trailer here.

Horizon Forbidden West - Release date: TBA

The neo-futuristic RPG that won hearts and minds early on in the PS4's release cycle is finally getting a sequel, entitled Horizon Forbidden West. This time, Aloy will apparently be exploring a new part of the robo-dino infested world in what looks like a jaw-droppingly gorgeous mission to battle a sickness that's plaguing the organic world.

Watch the trailer here.

Madden NFL 21 - Release date: Spring 2020 (Australia)

The first major EA Sports title to be confirmed for PS5, Madden 21 will undoubtedly be followed by the likes of FIFA and NHL Live in due course.

Watch the trailer here.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Release date: Late 2020

Get hype! After the barnstorming success of Insomniac's re-imagining of the Spider-Man series, a sequel has been announced focusing on the story of protege web-slinger Miles Morales.

Watch the trailer here.

NBA 2K21 - Release date: Spring 2020 (Australia)

The first major sporting title to break cover in PS5 regalia, 2K's next instalment in their NBA series shows off Zion Williamson in all his sweaty glory. If the trailer represents what the actual games will look like, the future of sports gaming looks good.

Watch the trailer here.

Oddworld: Soulstorm - Release date: Late 2020

The Oddworld series of darkly humorous platformers has been around since the days of the PS1, but now Abe is returning for what's described as an expanded re-creation of 1998 title Abe's Exoddus.

Watch the trailer here.

Project Althia - Release date: 2023

The latest full-sized RPG adventure from Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix, Project Althia will be one of the first major titles to fully, and exclusively, make use of the PS5's massive graphics capabilities. As such, it'll arrive much later, with a planned release date of 2023.

Watch the trailer here.

Rainbow Six Quarantine - Release date: Spring 2020 (Australia)

Combining Rainbow Six's classic tactical FPS gameplay with a new story, the latest instalment in the Tom Clancy franchise will see players team up in squads of three to take on a terrifying, unknown biohazardous enemy.

Watch the trailer here.

Rainbow Six Siege - Release date: Late 2020 (launch title)

The most successful Rainbow Six title in years will make its way onto PS5, continuing the success of a team-based shooter that has spawned a legion of die-hard fans and eSports enthusiasts alike.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Release date: TBA

A series that will live long in the memory of longtime playstation die-hards, Ratchet & Clank are finally returning for their first major platforming adventure since 2013. And it looks beautiful.

Watch the trailer here.

Resident Evil 8: Village - Release date: 2021

Playstation's most iconic horror franchise is getting a decidedly spooky new title that looks to be returning to the game's more supernatural, haunting roots after the hillbilly horror of Biohazard.

Watch the trailer here.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure - Release date: TBA

With every new Playstation console inevitably comes another entry in the LittleBigPlanet franchise, and after the underwhelming effort that came with the PS4, it seems as if this spin-off will encompass a much bigger story.

Watch the trailer here.

The Sims 5 - Release date: TBA

The Sims is one of the most enduring, universally appealing games ever made, and now the social simulator is getting its fifth major instalment with more features than ever.

Star Wars: Squadrons - Release date: TBA

Just announced overnight, Star Wars: Squadrons will allow Star Wars fans to take part in epic space-based fighter battles for the first time. Like Battlefront, but in X-Wings.

Watch Dogs: Legion - Release date: Spring 2020 (Australia)

Hacktivist action series Watch Dogs is returning once more after years of speculation, this time telling a story set in a dystopian future London.

Watch the trailer here.

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