Hit The Slopes In Style With These $5,400 Bentley Skis

17 December 2019
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Images: Bomber Ski
Inlaid with 24k Gold inserts

Granted, it couldn't feel further from Alpine conditions right now. But that doesn't mean those inclined won't have at least one eye on the time they can next get to the snow. 

As we all know, there are plenty of ways to make your time in the mountains a little bit more boujee. In fact, almost the entire ski tourism industry basically relies on it. And if you're so inclined that the idea of driving one's Bentley coolly through an alpine pass to one's chalet seems like the perfect getaway, then we've found the perfect set of skis to put on top.

Designed by New York-based ski manufacturer Bomber in conjunction with the legendary car marque, the Limited Edition Centenary Skis have been designed to celebrate the Flying B's 100th anniversary in a thoroughly opulent way: in keeping with the $370,000 coffee table book they released earlier this year.

Taking inspiration from the diamond motifs, textures and patterns that defined the design philosophy of Bentley's radical EXP 100 luxury autonomous grand tourer, the skis are highlighted by 24 carat gold gold inlays set into their black paint.

“Everything we design has purpose, so the 3D geometry on the surface of the ski not only creates a dramatic aesthetic but is concentrated around the areas where support and response are needed most by the skier," said Chris Cooke, Lead Designer at Bentley Motors. "This creates a design execution that has never been seen before and an experience for the user that surpasses all expectations.”

Each Bomber ski is also handmade at a bespoke factory in Italy — something that's becoming increasingly uncommon in the world of luxury snow sports. Each pair of skis takes about 32 hours of handcraftsmanship to bring to life, made from a sandwich construction with a core of wood and fibers, covered by two layers of Titanal.

"On Bomber skis, one can actually feel the passion of the craftsmen that build them, an experience that no machine-made ski can reproduce. I’m thrilled to see this partnership with Bentley Motors so that we can enhance that 360-degree experience to even more enthusiasts throughout the world."

Just 161 pairs of the skis will be made, to be made available on January 1, 2020. You can find out more at Bomber's website.

Via GQ Australia