If There's One Reason To Get FIFA 20, EA Sports' FIFA Street Reboot Is It

10 September 2019
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Image: EA Sports

Plus everything else we know about the next installment of the all-conquering Footy franchise

There are plenty of ways that the FIFA franchise has spoken to generations of football fans over the decades. Lately, it's been talking about the Journey that every young football player once aspired to take, from muddy training fields and relative obscurity to the world's biggest stadiums and global glory.

But for our money, FIFA has always been at its best when it's appealed to the everyday footballer: the five-a-side hero who takes unbridled joy in a nutmeg and a sweetly-struck half-volley put into the top bins.

EA Sports first acknowledged this in the 'aughts with the FIFA Street series: a trilogy of games that pitted players in free-wheeling five-a-side contests, replete with rainbow flicks, step-overs, and all manner of fanciful footwork. It gave a generation of players and football fans a new desire to get back out onto the pitch and play the game at its most beautiful once more, and simultaneously somehow made Futsal shoes fashionable for teenagers as well.

Thankfully, the Futsal shoe thing didn't last. But the appeal of the small-sided game has lingered on. And FIFA are finally bringing it back to life in FIFA 20 with an all new game mode, titled Volta Football.

Volta, which is Italian for 'time' or 'return,' refers clearly to the return of good old fashion street football to the main FIFA franchise for the first time since you could play indoor soccer in FIFA 98. "It’s important to note," says EA Sports, "that VOLTA FOOTBALL is certainly not just FIFA Street or Indoor from years past. It’s street football built upon the foundation of our Frostbite Engine for the first time! This has afforded us the ability to deliver authentic gameplay and game mode experiences that are fundamentally pioneering and engaging."

VOLTA Football will also play as the stage for the next iteration FIFA's story mode, which concluded in FIFA 19 with the end of the 'The Journey' trilogy, which introduced fictional player Alex Hunter to the world.

Of course, the developments don't just start and end with Volta mode. EA Sports are also capping off FIFA 20 with a host of new features, particularly based around helping to build-out its oft-forgotten career mode.

Female managers will be available for the first time, and should you choose to take up a manager or player career, you'll now have the option to customise your manager, while interactive press conferences and player talks based around maintaining squad morale will also be available.

FIFA 20 is set to drop on PS4 and Xbox One on 27 September.

Via GQ Australia