Is Pininfarina's $4.4 Million Battista The Pinnacle Of Electric Cars Right Now?

15 March 2020
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Images: Courtesy of Automobili Pininfarina
With a 350km/h top speed, 2,000hp at the wheels and acceleration that matches an F1 car, you'd be hard-pressed to argue no

Most will know Pinanfarina as the legendary design firm that still designs multiple elegant cars for the likes of Audi, Ferrari and Lamborghini. But playing up to their long-time heritage of coachbuilding, recently they've also decided to dip their toes back into the waters of manufacturing themselves, offering up truly unique supercars that combine cutting-edge engineering with the design house's legendary flair.

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Fans got their first major taste of what Pinanfarina were capable of last year when they released the frankly gorgeous Battista – a wild looking all-electric hypercar that incidentally became Italy's most powerful road legal car overnight.

Designed with clear shades of cars like the Ferrari F8 Tributo in mind, it was equipped with four electric motors offering up a mind-boggling 1,900 hp and 2,300 Nm of torque. "This is a road car with almost twice the power of a Formula 1 racing car, more than three times the torque of a McLaren F1, and the same environmental footprint of a Nissan Leaf," said Top Gear about the car last year.

"You just don’t see those kinds of numbers on a normal road car, and there’s a reason for that  –  they’re just not possible using an internal combustion engine.”

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Now, the Battista has received an ultra-special-edition Battista Anniversario model, limited to just five examples, that takes not only the capabilities of electric cars like the Porsche Taycan, but Pininfarina's own design philosophies to their most radical extremes. 

A lightened edition of the Battista, it's had 10kg of weight shaved off of its frame to make for even more agility and speed off the line, new forged alumnium wheels, track-ready Pirelli P-Zero tyres and a revised "furiosa" aero package ensure that the car sticks to the road better than ever before at high speeds.

Rest assured, the speeds are high. The Battista boasts a top speed of 349 km/h, and all of this comes with an effective range of 451km.

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Just five Battista Anniversario models are set to be built alongside the company's wider offering of 150 Battista examples, each set to sell for a little over $4.4 million.

You can take a more detailed tour of the car below. In more on the supercar industry's race towards sustainability, check out the 5 electric cars to actually get excited about.

Via GQ Australia