Meet The Dad Who Spent $150k Building His Own DeLorean

13 December 2019
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Images: South West News Service
A faithful Back to the Future Replica, built from a run down DMC

In the age of social media, it's becoming increasingly clear that the easiest way to procure one's self a truly desirable car might not necessarily be to save your pennies and buy one. Seemingly every day, a humble dad somewhere in the world is working out of his shed to create a piece of machinery that's truly jaw-dropping.

But this project — taken up by 37-year-old Essex man James Napier, might be the most impressive we've seen so far. Starting with a bruised and battered DMC DeLorean that he picked up a few years ago, he's created perhaps the best replica of the iconic Back To The Future ever to take to the road.

Napier told the South West News Service that as a Back To The Future fan himself, he had the idea to undertake the restoration after finding his dream car — the aforementioned DeLorean — for sale.

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"It was quite run down, it needed a lot of work doing to the car. Somebody had tried to make it into a Back To The Future car - but it was really quite bad! The car was an absolute mess. I was completely nuts. I thought maybe I could salvage some of it but in the end I needed to get rid of everything and start from scratch.

"I probably spent around 1,200 hours working on the car and it was quite expensive to do. The car was valuable without any modifications but then I had to try and find parts from 30 to 40 years ago. It might have took a while but it's definitely worth it.

"We went to an event yesterday and when we pulled up people swarmed to it - the amount of people was amazing! I like it because it reminds people of their childhood. I love the film and I'm glad I've brought it to life for people.

"It's a fully functioning car. It's passed its MOT and it runs like a dream. There's only one other like it in the UK. It's really rare and one of a kind.

James also explained the lengths he went to to ensure that he was getting as many period-correct parts for his restoration as possible — even going so far as to source parts from the actual Back to the Future DeLoreans to use in his car. Not a single light, cable, switch or hose is out of place.

"My wife wanted to get me something from the Back to the Future films for Christmas a few years ago and she bought me these relays which were used in one of the original cars from the film. They were in a cabinet just on display but when I started working on the car we put them back in the car where they belong.

"In the film you see white plumes of smoke and that's done by fire extinguishers in the film. We've done something similar. we've used CO2 fire extinguishers with a remote control. We have a smoke machine inside the car too so when you open the doors smoke comes out so it's like you've travelled in time. A lot of the props inside makes the exact same noises. We've got the iconic car doors and lights too.

"I reckon I've spent more than 1,200 hours working on it. It was a seven days a week job. It usually costs around $39,459 to do up these sort of cars from the bottom up. Everything has been re-done on the inside and on the outside."

James told SWNS that he plans to use the car as a way of making money for charity car events, however it's also incredibly going to be used as the family's daily runabout.

"I take it out on weekends and I drop my kids off at school or football sometimes," he said. "They like it and their friends find it quite amusing! You see other people's jaws drop when we drive past. The family adore it - although my wife Emma probably doesn't want to know how much it has cost me in total to restore!"

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