New iPads, Pencils, MacBooks And Maybe More? Apple Looks Set To Spill Some Secrets This Week

By Brad Nash
29 October 2018
Apple, Samsung
Plus, the latest Galaxy rumours and the most stunning photo of the week

New iPads incoming?

On Wednesday, Apple will be hosting what is almost certainly its last major product announcement event of 2018. Teased with the coy phrase “There’s more in the making,” the event is expected to focus on a new range of iPads, and maybe a few extra surprises.

Apple-watchers seem in agreement that the new iPad Pros will continue the trend towards razor-thin bezels, ditch the home button in favour of Face ID and deliver an all-round performance boost thanks to speedier chips under the hood. There’s also talk of an updated Apple Pencil and, fingers crossed, USB-C support.

We’re also hearing there could be a new MacBook Air, the first with a high-res Retina display, and even updates to the presumed-discontinued Mac Mini and iPad Mini, but we’d caution the fans of teeny tech among you to keep those expectations in check. On the desktop, there are suggestions Apple could be ready to unveil up to three new iMac models, and finally this could be the event where the AirPods 2 see the light of day. We know they’re working on a new design featuring wireless charging and noise-cancellation, but we’ll have to wait a couple more days to find out if they’re coming before the end of the year.

Samsung’s 5G Galaxy

The rumours keep flowing around Samsung’s next line of phones, the Galaxy S10, due to hit the market sometime next year. As Apple did with the recent iPhone XS, the hot tip is that Samsung will launch the S10 in three models: the standard S10, an up-sized S10 with a larger screen, and a budget S10 with slightly gimped features. Both the standard S10 and the larger model will sport a curved OLED screen with built-in fingerprint sensor, according to the latest whispers, while the budget model will not.

Excitingly, the S10 looks set to be Samsung’s first 5G mobile device, so start planning for a new phone in 2019.

Badlands winning photos

Space is amazing

Check out this astonishing photograph. Looks ‘shopped, right? It’s not. It was snapped by the excellently-named American photographer Brad Goldpaint. It shows the Andromeda Galaxy, the Moon and the Milky Way in the sky above the Utah Badlands. And it won Brad the Royal Museums Greenwich Astronomy Photographer of the Year award. Brad’s Badlands snap is the best, but there’s a load of incredible shots of space in the full winners gallery for you to check out. They just might inspire the photographer in some of us.

Via GQ Australia