Nicolas Cage’s Dream Car From Gone In 60 Seconds Is Going Under The Hammer

08 December 2019
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Image: Mecum Auctions

The 1967 Ford Mustang was one of the most coveted vehicles of its time

In the canon of Hollywood films, there are a number of movies that stand out for one thing alone: the cars and, often by extension, the car chase scenes.

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From James Bond, Drive, and Rush, there’s been no shortage of adrenaline-fuelled racing scenes that even those who aren’t partial to the sleek styling of luxury vehicles can enjoy. One that stands out though, is Gone in 60 Seconds. And while it’s not often that you get to own the cars featured, on this occasion you might just be able to.

Gone In Seconds starred Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie and the film, which was released almost two decades ago in 2000, was a remake of the 1974 flick. The acting may not have been worthy of an Oscar nod, nor the film itself, but there was the car – a 1967 Ford Mustang which turned heads. It was glorious, boasting a style that people still covet today. Not surprisingly, the car featured in the film has been credited with helping to popularise the automotive trend of retromodding vintage cars, and even revived the Mustang as a symbol of classic cool.

So iconic was the car, that in the film it was given its own name – something a number of actors don’t even get when the end credits sequence simply sees them remain unnamed as “Guy at the bar”. But as you’d expect of the scene-stealing vehicle, it was given the nickname “Eleanor” and remained the object of Cage’s character, Memphis Raines.

For those who haven’t seen the film, Raines had attempted to steal the car on a number of occasions prior to the beginning of Gone in 60 Seconds but had been unsuccessful on all accounts. However, he did succeed to steal the car in an epic sequence, which then saw him involved in a car chase across Los Angeles.

As featured in the film, Eleanor boasts a “Go Baby Go!” button on its Hurst shifter, which Raines uses to evade a police helicopter: the nitrous oxide system (NOS) boosts the car’s output by a staggering 125 horses. And while this might just sound like the workings of a creative writing team and special effects department, but it’s real. Yep, whoever is lucky enough to place the winning bid will take home the car that can actually floor it in style.

The car will go under the hammer at Mecum’s Auction in Kissimmee, Florida in January. Just one of 11 models made for the production of the film, the retro-modelled vehicle has a grey body painted with black stripes, and features a five-speed manual transmission with a hydraulic clutch. It has just 90 miles on the clock, and those at Mecum who are looking after the auction suspect it will easily fetch a six-figure bid, particularly given the fact it’s come to be known as the “Dream Car”.

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Mecum has described the car as the following: "Eleanor is one that can not only run with the best of them, but also be somewhat docile and easy t use in traffic. Unlike her on-screen persona, she's a pretty nice gal to hang with. A trunk-mounted fuel cell, PIAA lights, TCP aluminium pedal covers and infamous custom 10-spoke spinner wheels round out the package. The best part of all this: this is a real-deal, screen-featured Eleanor - and it doesn't get much better than this."

So, if you’re willing to fork out some pretty serious cash all in order to possess one of the most stylish and iconic vehicles in pop culture history, this might just be an auction worth throwing your bid into.

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