Nintendo Wii And Nintendo DS Consoles Are Going For Less Than A Dollar In Japan

29 May 2020
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Image: Nintendo
With no online support, millions of unwanted Nintendo units are being sold dirt cheap in Japan

Back in the day, if you found yourself in possession of the Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS, things were likely shaping up pretty nicely on the social scene. Wii Sports could see your home pretty much become the scene of a rave, with the game having sold 82.90 million copies worldwide. Similarly, Mario Kart Wii proved immensely popular – although if you ask us, nothing quite eclipses the nostalgia-induced adrenaline you get on Mario Kart Nintendo ’64. But for all the acclaim of the Wii and Nintendo DS, which between them sold over 250 million units, a decade down the line and it seems they’ve practically been forgotten with online services being disconnected. It might spell bad news for those who still love their older consoles, but for anyone looking to acquire a DS or Wii cheaply, millions of unwanted consoles are now flooding the market.

Granted, they are second-hand but when you consider the fact you can snap up one of these consoles for less than you’d spend on a bruised avocado in Coles, it’s not too bad a deal at all. According to reports, one Japanese shopper snapped images of a trade-in store which shows the Nintendo DS console selling for 100 Yen, or roughly the equivalent of $0.93 USD. PS2 consoles are selling for 200 Yen (approx. $1.80 USD), while a second-hand Wii will set you back 50 Yen, or $0.40 USD – less than a pack of Zappo’s at your local newsagent.

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While you can probably search Gumtree and find a number of old consoles selling cheaply online, it’s unlikely you’ll find sales as cheap as these hitting buyers in Japan. To think the entertainment value of a Wii is less than 70 cents is simply outrageous, and given that lockdown has us scrambling for games and anything to keep ourselves amused, we’d have thought the price would have seen a huge increase simply just to the demand boredom presents.

That said, given that Nintendo removed all game listings for the Wii and Nintendo DS last year, the system’s online service, the Wii Shop Channel, was also discontinued, meaning that the console and its games have no online support and no titles can be purchased and then stored on the system digitally. Even so, we’d take our chances with a cheap console. The entertainment you can derive from it is just too much to pass on such an offer.

Via GQ Australia