It's Officially Time To Park Your Supercar In The Living Room

20 August 2019
Supercar, Interior design, Motoring
The new design service that's one heck of a feng shui flex

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably lost count of the amount of times you’d considered parking your supercar in the living room.

And whether you’re a supercar collector, own a single, beloved vintage model, or have just purchased your dream vehicle, there’s no such thing as too much care for your automobile.

But to preserve the object of your object of affection, the right surrounding is a must. An old garage filled with boxes of old magazines and a rusty bbq in the corner, just won’t do. Enter: Supercar Capsule by design firm Superfuturedesign*

The Supercar Capsule is a new concept aimed at creating unique ports designed to keep your pride and joy in a closed space, allowing owners’ supercars to sparkle as if in their own dedicated showroom. It’s an exclusive design service that transforms your garage into your private showroom, so now you can feel like a millionaire from a superhero movie (yeah, we’re looking at you, Tony Stark). As a result, your outrageously expensive motor is earning its keep, even when it’s not on the roads.

Supercar Capsule

One of the models we love involves creating a new capsule to actually merge with your home’s interior – which could well be the world’s most expensive feng shui flex.

The idea is to incorporate the garage with existing rooms, in which a simple wall will transform into a bespoke exhibition for your statement piece. It allows guests and visitors to appreciate and admire your supercar without having to take them to the garage – your car becomes a part of the interior décor.
If your home has a garage, you can opt for completely remodelling the interior to give it a refreshing appeal via new finishes, lighting effects, and colour schemes to highlight your supercar’s aesthetic. For those who just don’t see their supercar as part of the furniture, then simply opt for a brand new construction

Supercar Capsule

The brainchild of Italian consultancy firm ASZarchitetti Group – made up of ASZarchitetti and Superfuturedesign* – the design collective has completed well over 400 projects across the residential, commercial, and luxury retail sectors throughout Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia and of course, the Middle East.

Should you take the plunge? Well, to our mind, if you’re buying a supercar, it’s tantamount to a crime to keep it locked away. But the whole thing does come with something of a caveat. This probably only works if you own a supercar. It’s one heck of a statement to try and pull off with your battered old Nissan Micra, no matter how much you might love it.