One Of The Three Remaining Ford GT40 Prototypes Has Come Up For Sale

28 July 2020
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Built in 1964, and the only of its kind not currently held in a museum

A lot of cars have a rightful claim to being called part of automotive history. In a way, every car with some minor or major innovation is. But few have the kind of storied past that the Ford GT40 has. Immortalised long before its appearance in racing film Ford vs. Ferrari, The GT40 is a motorsports legend, and one of the most copied, honoured and venerated race cars ever made.

As such, when an original GT40 from the era of their manufacturing comes up for sale, it's generally a pretty big deal. But when one of the prototype vehicles used in the opening chapters of the car's story comes up for sale, well, that's monumental — and not just because there's only one left in the public domain.

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The Ford GT40 you see before you is known as chassis GT/105 — one of the five prototype Ford GT40 cars developed by Carroll Shelby back in the early 1960s. The development work done on GT/105, along with its four brothers, would lay the foundations for the Ford GT40 race car which went on to beat Ferrari over those legendary Le Mans 24 Hour races later that decade.

As such, GT/105 was either present at, or involved in, some of the Ford works racing team's most historic moments. It was a 1965 Le Mans Test car, and competed at Reims, Sebring and Daytona as a works car. It was also the first GT40 fitted with the iconic production bodywork we all know today, meaning it was really the first GT40 that most would recognise.

Although GT/105 never actually raced at Le Mans, it maintained a strong racing career of its own accord, and has a full ownership history since its manufacturing. Per its sellers Duncan Hamilton Rofgo, GT/105 has never been damaged, and Ford Engineer John Etheridge, who worked on the car throughout the '60s, has confirmed that the chassis is original and genuine.

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The stunning rarity of GT/105 is compounded by the fact that, of the five prototype cars built, it's the only GT40 left in public hands. The first two prototype chassis, GT/101 and 102, were scrapped in the 1960's. 103 and 104 now rest in the Shelby museum.

The price of the car hasn't been publically disclosed, but considering other period GT40 cars have sold for millions, expect it to be a lot. You can read more at DH Rofgo's website.

Via GQ Australia