Ranking The Best-Looking F1 Cars This Season (So Far)

By Brad Nash
13 February 2019
Formula 1
The good, the bad, and the, well, same as last year

In the past couple of decades, traditions have largely gone out of favour in the sport of F1.

There are yearly occurrences, sure — for instance the annual reminder that the Monaco Grand Prix is actually one of the most boring spectacles in sport — but there aren't too things left that are enough to make you romanticise the sport like fans once did back in the late 20th century.

Thankfully, one of the few things that has stuck around is the couple of weeks or so each year in which F1's teams reveal their cars for the year, most often to either almost universal criticism or complete adoration from their sentimentally-minded fanbases.

Few things ignite the fire in the loins of any racing fan more than an instantly classic livery, and now the 2019 season is little more than a month away, the teams have begun unveiling their challengers.

Here's our thoughts on the best, worst, and most inbetween-looking cars in the field this year. We'll be updating this space as more teams unveil their cars.


A fresh injection of cash from Canadian Telco Rokit has spelled a new look for one of F1's most storied teams. Unfortunately, after years of them pumping out great looking cars throughout the Rothmans/BMW/Martini eras, this one is much more forgettable.
A little bit too GP2, perhaps?

The Boring/Uninspired/Almost Unchanged

Toro Rosso

The Red Bull Junior Team's change in look to a Royal Blue get-up was received incredibly well back in 2017, and since then it's become one of the most eye-catching looks on the grid. The problem with this year's car, however, is that it's almost exactly the same as 2018 variant, detail for detail. It's as if they hit Control + V, turned the brightness down a touch on Adobe Illustrator, and called it job done.


Daniel Ricciardo's new team have also clearly been spending more time working on making his car a genuine title contender than thinking up a new way of making its rather fetching yellow and black livery sing in a new way. Aside from perhaps a touch more yellow, we once again invite you to a game of spot the difference with their predecessor from last year.

The Good

Haas F1

Proving once again that the quickest way for a young energy drinks company to make a name for itself is to plaster its logo all over a race car, American outfit Haas have been given a radical makeover thanks to a new partnership with British beverage company RICH Energy.

The resulting car is an absolute beaut, with a Black and Gold colour scheme that's naturally drawing comparisons to classic Lotus F1 cars of yesteryear.

Via GQ Australia