Samsung's Latest True Wireless Earbuds Have Leaked A Week Early

12 February 2020
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Image: Samsung

Meet the latest Korean challenger to the Airpods' crown

With the smartphone wars now largely over and the camera battles having settled into a quiet battle for superiority, the tech giants of the world are busy at work figuring out ways to one-up each other, largely in the wider arena of wearable tech. But while Apple has come to dominate the world of smart watches in a way where you can't really see them ever being toppled, the area of wireless headphones remains ever more open.

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As good as Apple's Airpods have always been, their design — which caters towards more day-to-day use — opened them up from the beginning to competition from both other tech brands and audio companies alike, making the market for true wireless earbuds in particular a truly dynamic one. And while Samsung's Galaxy Buds, which entered the market last year, were a little late to the party, they were nonetheless a worthy competitor, particularly for the millions around the world who use the Korean company's flagship smartphones.

Now, it seems as if a European tech retailer has inadvertently leaked Samsung's planned update to the Galaxy Buds, accidentally shipping the earbuds to WinFuture writer and prominent tech reviewer Roland Quandt early. The Buds themselves were widely touted to be unveiled at next week's Samsung Unpacked event in San Francisco. Of course, Quandt promptly set about reporting about his scoop on YouTube and Twitter.

The leak seems to confirm that the new Galaxy Buds, called the Galaxy Buds +, will once again sit more as competitors to the standard Airpods than the noise-cancelling Airpods Pro or Sony WF-1000XM3. Quandt also confirmed some basic tech specs about the Earbuds, stating that they'll have a driver and a woofer in each ear, boast 22 hours of battery life when used with a charging case, support wireless charging, and have a triple microphone array.

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He did report issues when making calls, but that remains to be seen it it's a software issue that might be fixed by Samsung before launch.

We'll have more info on the earbuds (and all of Samsung's other new innovations, including the much-rumoured Galaxy S20), when they play their hand at Samsung Unpacked next week. In the market for a pair of true wireless earbuds yourself? Be sure to check out our latest round-up of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy right now.

Via GQ Australia