These Products Will Give Your Home Some Retro Drip

04 September 2019
Design, Interiors
Is your pad lacking a little oomph? Head back to the future with this collection of postmodern props

Face Time

Part hunky space-age droid, part watchful shepherd – this moon-shaped lamp is formed from pressed steel and runs on advanced LED touch technology. Just tilt its ‘face’ to dim or brighten.

Blooper table lamp, $ 40,540, Mette Schelde for Please Wait to be Seated

Spin Class

Playful, thrilling and just a tad scary – the spinning top-like seat by Thomas Heatherwick may be just 10 years old but it’s a design classic already. Once you’re on it, the seat rocks you back and forth until you’re dizzy and squealing. The form may be futuristic, but it brings all the nostalgic joys of chair tipping in a classroom. Consider it a (super stylish) party trick to keep up your sleeve.

Spun rocking chair, $520, Thomas Heatherwick for Magis

Get your glow on. A coffee table that captures all the razzle-dazzle of epic LA sunsets. Like shape-shifting clouds, the tabletop takes on many hues. Are those Hollywood’s electric blue skies, or an alternate dimension? Either way, we’re in.

L.A Sunset tables, price on request, Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia

Altered Reality

Later, Black Mirror. Here’s one that manipulates perceptions using experimental glass, foils and gradient colours. Heads up: Objects in the mirror may seem trippier than they are in reality.

Big Round, $570, Studio Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven

Electric Dreams

Imagine your favourite slouchy sofa given a futuristic makeover...with a holographic skin. Sink into the surreal world of ‘Holo-Scandinavian’ furniture – and watch Blade Runner again. It only feels right.

Holo-Scandinavian, price on request, Six N. Five

Just Floating

Berlin studio Neo/Craft excels in combining traditional craftsmanship with modern production techniques. There are no supernatural forces at work here, just hi-tech invisible bonds joining gradient stained glass panels in a geometric structure.

Isom Tables, price on request, Sebastian Scherer for Neo/Craft

This intriguing blob is a mesmerising pendant light crafted by design tzar Tom Dixon.

Melt Pendant, $490, Tom Dixon

Get Gradient

Virgil Abloh flexes his prodigious talent with the limited edition Colour Gradient Chair, which was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Colour Gradient chair, price on request, Virgil Abloh

Calculated joy This reissue of Braun’s iconic 1987 ET66 adds the perfect sum of geek chic.

BNE001 calculator, $50, Braun

Shaken and Stirred

This future-proof barware is just what James Bond would be drinking out of in 2040.

Aesthetifacts, price on request, Six N. Five

Alien Objects

Straight out of the sets of Star Trek, the interstellar traveller in us loves the solid, brutalist forms of these occasional tables – all shiny gradient finish and celestial flakes.

Comete Tables, price on request, Nicolas Aubagnac

Build a Rocket

Spanish polymath Jaime Hayon dipped into his childhood for these jellybean-inspired designs. Retrotastic rounded forms in glossy finishes make for a conversation starter.

Explorer tables, price on request, Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona