Tesla's Latest Upgrade Has Already One-Upped The Porsche Taycan

19 September 2019
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Image: Tesla

A Plaid-powered Model S stomped the Taycan's recent Nurburgring time by 20 seconds

As someone who's recently taken delivery of a Tesla on loan and almost immediately tried out its famous ac, it really is hard to describe what it feels like to step on the accelerator of a car that's powered in the way that Elon Musk's cars are.

Even in their somewhat more conservative Model 3, you get instant, pin you to the back of your seat power that only seems to grow the harder you push on the accelerator. It's a whole lot of fun, and just about the fastest-feeling thing on the road.

Of course, the model 3 only really scratches the surface when it comes to the power that you can get out of a Tesla. The Model S is still the king when it comes to fast electrics, with its Ludicrous mode long cementing the car as one of the quickest cars ever made off the line.

It's taken a while given the headstart Tesla gave itself on the competition, but other companies are finally starting to catch up, and now the Tesla S finds reputation as the most rapid car on the road under threat. Porsche's newly announced Taycan is the Model S's most immediate rival, boasting an insane 0-100 time of 2.6 seconds.

However, Tesla are gearing up for an acceleration arms race. Their main weapon, announced overnight, is called Plaid: an entirely new power train. That, when rolled on on the company's new cars, will surpass not only its old ludicrous mode in terms of outright speed, but potentially the Taycan too.

Plaid will be rolled out on two of Tesla's current models (the Model S and Model X), as well as the eventual 400km/h Roadster, giving you a pretty good idea of what it's going to be capable of.

Tesla have already started teasing its performance, saying that with the Plaid powetrain, the Model S is basically the fastest four-door sedan on the road (or a race-track, for that matter).

Shortly after, Tesla announced plans for Plaid to engage in a major showdown with Porsche over the Nurburgring four-door lap record, which the Taycan broke earlier this year. It barely took them a week, with a Plaid-powered Model S beating its German rival around the track by a full 20 seconds, according to reports from German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport.

The ball, for now at least, is back in Porsche's court. Gentlemen, charge your batteries.

Via GQ Australia