Tesla's Next Software Update Will Turn Your Car Into A Drivable Arcade

16 June 2019
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Chalk up a win for road safety on this one

Ever finding new ways to obscure his part-time s***housery by working his way into the hearts of as many old-school techheads as possible, Elon Musk has announced that with the release of Tesla's latest software update, the gaming capabilities of his Tesla cars (and yes, as you'll see below, this is not a new thing) will be expanded like never before.

This isn't the first time Musk has sought to turn his cars into a new generation of mobile entertainment units. Last summer, he announced a collaboration with Atari that put some of the platform's most iconic retro games into the car's infotainment system as easter eggs.

In a conversation with a follower below his original tweet, Musk dropped hints on a few games they were hoping to include in the software, including a version of iconic racing game 'Pole Position' where, and this is admittedly pretty cool, your steering wheel will act as a controller.

Considering Teslas have a full screen in lieu of an actual dashboard, we imagine the games will probably be playable through this display as opposed to the massive tablet that serves as the car's centre console.

Naturally, the games are only be playable while the car is stationary, because even Elon Musk isn't that arrogant. However, he's getting closer to realising a goal that would have th next generation of Teslas serving as de facto games consoles. He followed up his Atari announcement by putting out a call to any hungry game developers who feel like making games that make the most use of the cars' interface.

This eventually manifested itself in a partnership with a number of game studios, chief among which was Bethesda, who announced that they had successfully ported the mobile game Fallout: Shelter to the Tesla platform. Musk announced the partnership at a conference at E3 this week.

“I mean, if you have a racing game and you have a steering wheel...it’s sitting right there, waiting to be steered,” Musk said, before also announcing that Beach Buggy Racing 2 — a popular game on iOS and Android, will also be coming to Tesla cars, confirming that the players will indeed be able to control the cars in the game through the use of the car's actual steering wheel.

1930s inspired run-and-gun title Cuphead will also come to the cars, while for the truly serious players, compatibility with Xbox and PS4 controllers is also on the way.

Via GQ Australia