The $2,000 Geodome Tent That Still Isn’t Glamping

27 May 2019
Gear, The North Face
The tent is designed to reflect The North Face’s original geodesic tent from 1975, based on the principles of renowned architect Buckminster Fuller

Previously only available in Japan and Korea, the Geodome 4 Tent is now available for the first time in the US. The tent is something of a throwback, with the innovative construction reflecting the first geodesic tent designed in 1975 based on the design principles of noted architect and futurist Buckminster Fuller.

Fuller coined the phrase “geodesic” from field experiments with various artists. The geodesic dome appealed to the architect because it was extremely strong for its weight, its “omnitriangulated” surface provided an inherently stable structure, and because a sphere encloses the greater volume for the least surface area.

While the dome came to be implemented in many an architectural design – from buildings and pavilions to greenhouses, when it comes to camping it is something of a rarity.

The $2,000 Geodome Tent That Still Isn’t Glamping

For most of us, camping tends to conjure shivers and flashbacks to high-school or Duke of Edinburgh in which we barely made it out of that five day hike alive. It’s enough to trigger some serious PTSD, and yet we continue onwards in our daily life. But the thought of camping now is something to horrifying to bear – single-man tents that resemble a coffin as your sleeping arrangements? We don’t think so. The alternative of course, is glamping. But when you’re forking out an obscene amount of money just to have had someone else erect some poles and fit a sheet to a lump mattress, it’s really not that much better.

Enter the Geodome 4 Tent from The North Face.

The $2,000 Geodome Tent That Still Isn’t Glamping

What is it?

The Geodome 4 Tent, much like its name, boasts a signature dome design that has been built to expedition standards. Compared to the tents that barely allow you to fit a sleeping bag – let alone your whole body – inside horizontally, this tent comfortably sleeps four people, with room to even stand. Can you believe it? This tent actually makes for a comfortable sleep. That alone is enough to see us gravitate towards it.

The tent includes five main poles and one equator pole, while the dual layer water-resistant exterior can withstand winds of up to 96 kilometres per hour. Additional design details of the Geodome 4 include five mesh windows and two top ventilation windows with quick open function which means if you’re camping in summer, you won’t find yourself in an incubator of death like most other tents tend to morph into.

Via GQ Australia