The Best Tech Gifts For Everyone On Your List (At Every Budget)

10 December 2019
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Sure-to-please presents for the gadget-minded people in your life

Tech gifts can be tough to choose and buy, largely because pretty much everyone these days is into tech. The most popular headphones in the world are true wireless. More people watched this year's League of Legends championship than the Super Bowl. My parents know how to use Bluetooth speakers. The phrase "tech-savvy" has pretty much lost all meaning, so how can you get something for the tech-inclined people in your life that feels thoughtfully considered? Honestly, we don't know, but to get you thinking about it, we've gathered up a list of our favorite tech gifts. It includes an excellent e-reader, a dock for your computer, and a fun laptop cleaner (yes, it turns out a laptop cleaner can be fun, believe it or not). Just make sure to stealthily check that your giftee doesn't already own whatever you decide to get for them.

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Courant Catch:2

A leather wireless charging pad that can handle two devices at once. Perfect for juicing up your phone and AirPods overnight. $175 at Courant

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite has an ultra-crisp screen and built-in adjustable light. Remove the heavy burden of carrying around physical books for that person in your life who always makes "read a book a week" their new years resolution. $130 at Amazon

U-Turn Orbit Plus

A colorful record player that will sound 1000x better than that Crosley one someone impulse bought from Urban Outfitters. $290 at U-Turn

Audioengine bookshelf speakers

The perfect pair of bookshelf speakers for anyone living in a small space. They have a dazzling sound profile that'll make any record sparkle, but also come with Bluetooth for when you just want to turn your brain off and stream "RapCaviar." $350 at Amazon

Apple Magic trackpad 2, space gray

Just because you have a desktop computer doesn't mean you should have to use a dinky mouse. Click wheel, be gone! $146 at Best Buy

Tile Slim (2020)

Tile products allow you to track and locate anything that you stick them in (or on). With the Slim in your wallet, you won't have to retrace the your steps from last night—you'll know exactly which bar you left it in. $29.99 at Amazon

Amazon "eero" mesh networking systesm, 3-pack

For that person who always complains that they can't get a Wi-Fi signal in their bedroom/livingroom/kitchen/office/bathroom. $190 at Amazon

Yamazaki headphone stand

If you're spending hundreds of dollars on excellent headphones, you shouldn't just be leaving them in the bottom of your backpack at the end of the day. $18 at Huckberry

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max

A gentle nudge for that nephew that keeps dust bunnies as pets. $280 at Amazon

Beats Solo Pro wireless noise cancelling headphones

If you’ve been holding a grudge about Beats being all sizzle and no steak since they were "by Dre," then pull on the new Beats Solo Pro, breathe deep, and prepare to set your anger free. The big deal here is that Beats updated its best-sellers with noise canceling that’s powerful enough to make subway commutes spa-quiet but smart enough to not warp the music in the process. $300 at Amazon

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