The Guy Behind The McLaren F1 Is Designing A $4.2 Million, V12 Supercar

05 June 2020
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Images: Courtesy of Gordon Murray Automotive
Creator Gordon Murray calls it the lightest, most aerodynamically advanced supercar ever made

Unless you're a particularly voracious car nut, the name Gordon Murray may not stoke too many embers in your mind. If you're an F1 fan with a keen interest in the motorsport history, however, you'll probably know that the British car designer's name rests in the most hallowed, venerated halls of the sport's heritage.

That's because Murray was responsible for some of the most successful, game-changing designs in Formula 1's history, from Brabham racing's iconic BT46B – the controversial “fan car” that won the only Formula 1 race it was ever entered in before being outlawed, to helping bring to life the McLaren F1 car that won Ayrton Senna his first F1 world championship.

Murray's influence on the world of automotive design extends far beyond that in F1. As Red Bull designer Adrian Newey is now doing in helping to design hypercars for Aston Martin, Murray helped conceive some of the most famous and desirable road cars of all time, from the McLaren F1, to the Alpine A110. Now, through his Gordon Murray Automotive design off-shoot, he's given himself free reign to conceive the most batshit crazy supercar possible, and it seems he's delivered.

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The product, called the T.50, is what Murray calls the lightest, most aerodynamically advanced supercar ever made. And it's hard to refute that claim. To start with aerodynamics, the car revives the fan concept used on Murray's historic Brabham F1 car, which apparently works to help the car's rear diffuser work more efficiently in sucking the back of the car to the floor.

It also has a mutltitude of movable flaps and an air brake that help slow the car down and generate downforce at low speeds, improving traction and stability, developed with the help of the wind tunnel that belongs to F1 team Racing Point.

Combine this with the weight, which Murray says will be 980kg (making it the lightest proper supercar ever made), and you have the capacity for Lotus-like cornering in a package that's a much larger size and much, much more powerful.

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Said power will come from a Cosworth-built V12 that's built in the same factory as the V12 that will eventually go into Aston Martin's Valkyrie hypercar. At 3.9L, though, it's much smaller and lighter, and it'll rev to a screaming 12,100RPM before hitting the redline. Murray has also taken the step of adding a 48V electric motor to the car as well that not only provides power to the range of aerodynamic gadgetry, but also gives a power boost to the engine in certain modes.

Sounds fun, huh? We'll find out more when the T.50 is unveiled in all its glory at an event next may.

Via GQ Australia