The iPhone 11 Just Got A Cybertruck Remodel Courtesy Of Caviar

03 February 2020
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Image: Caviar

Elon Musk’s futuristic vehicle was the inspiration behind the remodelling, but the device will set you back $US5,256

It was the unlikeliest of successes: a futuristic-inspired truck that would look more at home in some kind of apocalypse film than on the road, and a live-streamed unveiling that went so catastrophically wrong, even a scriptwriter from Hollywood would consider the events too far-fetched. The Tesla Cybertruck was something Musk seemed to conjure in a dream, but the CEO peddled the design concept out to his loyal followers with the kind of enthusiasm you’d expect from one of the world’s best salesmen.

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Such was Musk’s persuasive power, that even regardless of the fact that a ball thrown at the “shatterproof” windows of the Cybertruck caused the windows to do just what they weren’t meant to – shatter into considerably tiny shards – people still wanted it. They still wanted the truck in all its failed glory, and pre-orders for the vehicle exceeded all expectation.

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But while the $50,000 price-tag might be a little far off for most of us, one brand is delivering the Cybertruck to us in a new form – the iPhone 11. Courtesy of Russian brand Caviar, which also brought us a pair of 18-karat gold AirPods Pro, the iPhone 11 has been given a design update modelled on that of the Cybertruck.

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Caviar’s “Cyberphone” utilises an iPhone 11 Pro and a titanium-built case that protects the handheld device from all sides with metal plates. The screen protector, also made from titanium, folds into a holder that props the smartphone vertically on flat surfaces for video calls or Netflix binge watching sessions. This manoeuvre is one that draws inspiration from Musk’s creation, as the foldable movement of the front cover mirrors that of the truck bed.

If it all sounds a bit outlandish, it should. Caviar have become known for creating some brazen and bizarre products, all of which seem to cater to the upper echelon – or the 1 per cent of people with a disposable income of such obscene proportions that they can afford to shell out on an iPhone 11 Pro adorned with titanium plates just to resemble a vehicle. The brand has even released iPhone models in the past that are adorned with gold and diamond, setting customers back $100,000.

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Given that the Cybertruck saw pre-orders coming in thick and fast, we wouldn’t be surprised if the same occurred with Caviar’s take on the iPhone 11 Pro. The 64Gb version of the Cyberphone will set you back at least $US5,256 and only 99 units are set to be made. These can be pre-ordered from Caviar’s online store, so you better get in quick.

Via GQ Australia