The Limo-Jet Could Be The Most Crazy Street Legal Limo In The World

05 April 2020
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And it could be yours for just a few hundred K next month

Getting any type of stretch limousine these days is pretty much a pure exercise in nostalgia. Everyone remembers what it felt like to pull up to your high school formal in a blinged-out Hummer or 300C, but aside from the hot pink hummer you still see ferrying Hens parties around the city, most have grown out of it.

However a limousine in the states set to go up for Auction next month would make almost anyone giddy at the prospect of riding in it, purely because it's just so damn ridiculous.

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Dubbed the Limo-Jet, the fully street-legal (really) limo has been converted from the fuselage of an actual Lear Jet private plane to make for what has to be dubbed the most extravagant limo currently on the road anywhere in the world right now. It reportedly took a ton of extra steelwork to re-enforce the chassis and structure of the jet to cope with the realities of driving on the road, bringing the Limo-Jet's weight up to well over 4 tonnes.

As such, it takes a pretty sizeable power plant to move it, something that has been installed in the form of an 8.1L GM V8.

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As you can largely walk around inside the vehicle's cabin, the interior of the car has been decked out in pretty much every way imaginable. Flat screen TVs sit front and rear while plush leather seats line the side, providing seating for a reported crew of 18 people. A trick infinity floor has been installed, while speakers mounted in the “turbine” nacelles can also play jet engine sound effects.

Certain other elements of the jet have also been left in tact to provide a better sense of immersion. You still board, for instance, via a clamshell door.

The Limo-Jet will go up for Auction in May, where it's projected to sell for well into the six-figures, despite the fact that it apparently cost the owners millions to actually put together. Still, roll-out into town in one of these, and you can pretty much guarantee you'll be the centre of attention.

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You can take a further tour of the Limo-Jet below. In more car news, have a look at the $9m bugatti Cristiano Ronaldo just bought.

Via GQ Australia