The New Ferrari Roma Wants You To Lead The Good Life

10 February 2020
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Ferrari’s latest GT pays tribute to Italy’s heyday

Ferrari’s latest model, the Roma, made its debut outside Italy last week. At the Bvlgari yacht club, Dubai, the car was unveiled for the first time away from the city it was named after and inspired by.

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This new 8-speed V8 is a step away from Ferrari’s recent Lusso and Portofino in design, but a doubling down on the Italian supercar’s attempt to go back to their roots.

The Roma’s design is inspired, say Ferrari, by la Dolce Vita. The classic grand touring Ferraris of the 60s— front engined and elegantly designed— were the starting point. In layman’s terms, think of the Ferrari 250 GT that Ferris Bueller crashes on his day off.

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As for its carefree sprit, that comes courtesy of Rome’s post-war, café culture. It’s the good life 2k20. Or “La Nuova Dolce Vita.”

To drive this car, say Ferrari, is to be cruising up the steep hills of Tuscany, top-down, Persol sunglasses on, about to park up for an aperitif.

On first viewing the Roma certainly looks the part. Where the Portofino felt a little like a car in transition, struggling under the weight of its 2000s forebears and not yet realizing its retro design potential, the Roma looks more at home with itself.

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Still, to call this design ‘retro’ would be a mistake. It’s a fierce looking thing with a shark like nose and hunched rear haunches. It looks rapid just standing still.

More importantly, it stands up to scrutiny next to the Jaguar F-Type and Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage.

Whether it drives like it looks remains to be seen, but the Roma’s 611bhp 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 looks enticing.

Ferrari also say that the Roma’s development “focused on delivering superior driving pleasure and comfort thanks to the low vehicle weight and introduction of the latest evolution of the Side Slip Control.”

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In short: it’ll drift all day long, baby.

La Nuova Dolce Vita, indeed.