The Next Major COD Title Could Be A Cold War-Based Reboot Of Black Ops

23 May 2020
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Image: Activision
Possibly set in Vietnam

Even after the wild success of the first two Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games back in the early 2010s, Black Ops, which took players back in history to the secret, undercover war fought between the communist east and the democratic west, was a particular high point. Telling one of the coolest campaign stories in the franchise's history with a cast of characters that included Sam Worthington and Ice Cube, the first Black Ops will undoubtedly go down as one of the series' most iconic titles.

Now, with the Call of Duty franchise successfully jolted back to life with the release of the rebooted Modern Warfare and its even more popular Warzone multiplayer mode, word is already starting to spread about the next instalment in Activision's historic action franchise. And if reports are to be believed, the next chapter of the story could return to the clandestine roots of the Cold War once more.

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According to prominent Twitter-based Call of Duty leaker Okami, the next title to enter the Call of Duty stable will be Black Ops Cold War. And while many twitter users have pointed out it's unlikely they'll spring for a name quite as straight forward as that, it's c a clear indication that the series intends to once again to the arena of mid-20th century storytelling. Undoubtedly, this'll entail another story focusing on undercover operations taking place amidst rising tensions between the east and the west.

The game will apparently be developed by Treyarch, who were responsible for the original Black Ops game that dropped back in 2010, and it's likely that they'll follow Infinity Ward's (Modern Warfare's historic and current developers) lead in rebooting the series in a more gritty, realistic way to match the success of the Modern Warfare reboot.

The released info follows from a day of potential clues put into Modern Warfare as the result of its latest update, which includes a locked bunker in Warzone's Verdansk map that many think could point to the inclusion of nuclear warheads into the game's arsenal. This, alongside the fact that data miners have also found bits of code alluding to Cold War-themed future inclusions in the game, 

Kotaku also revealed yesterday that Activision have made the last-gasp decision to take development of the next modern warfare game away from co-developers Sledgehammer and Raven, instead giving it to Treyarch for what they think will be Call of Duty: Black Ops 5.

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"According to those briefed on the overhaul, Treyarch will take creative leadership on this new Black Ops while Raven and Sledgehammer will serve as support studios for the game, transforming the work they’ve done on their own single-player story mode into a campaign for Black Ops 5, which will also be set during the Cold War," reads the report.

"It will likely be a cross-gen game, to coincide with the launch of the next PlayStation and Xbox, which are also expected in the fall of 2020."

Via GQ Australia