The Saint Laurent x Google Backpack Is The Most Tech-Forward Flex Of 2019

18 September 2019
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Images: Courtesy of Saint Laurent
Well, aside from the Hermes Apple Watch, perhaps

It may shock you to know, but there was once a time when this was considered the height of Silicon Valley cool.

I know, right? How things have changed. Apple now collaborate with Hermes on smartwatch straps. Tag Heuer make their own wearables. Gucci has an insane app that's basically a retro arcade. Every brand under the sun has adopted AR as a way of flogging their wares.

Put simply, Tech is cool, and tech is fashionable. Even the most too-cool-to-care brands are starting to embrace the possibilities that collaborations with big tech are starting to throw up, which has lead Saint Laurent to what you see before you —the 'Jacquard™ by Google Cit-e Backpack'.

So, how have Saint Laurent made what is at face value a very nice backpack smart? What makes a City backpack a Cit-E backpack?

The answer lies in Google's Jacquard fabric — a smart weave of "intelligent yarns" that creates an interactive touch area on the fabric of the backpack that allows for gestures. Once you hook the backpack up to your phone (it's optimized for both iOS and Android), it can be used to control  pretty much everything you need as you walk along on your daily business. According to a statement from the Parisian brand, it'll let you "control music, drop pins on the go, and take pictures with a simple gesture."

Naturally, the backpack will also be able to pair with a mobile app, which allows you to customise the gestures to suit your needs.

"Jacquard is an advanced technology that allows users to interact seamlessly with digital services in their daily activities, to improve their daily lives," the statement continues. "This new experience developed by Saint Laurent & Jacquard aims to explore the future of fashion, made possible by technological advances."

Right now, the Cit-E backpack isn't available to buy. However Saint Laurent are planning to make it available in the coming weeks. We imagine it'll probably cost somewhere around the price of one of their normal City backpacks, which is about $1,300, however we'll update this space when we have more concrete info. In the meantime, you can keep up to date through YSL's socials and

Via GQ Australia