The Samsung Galaxy Fold Revolutionised Smartphone Design: Here’s How

25 November 2019
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With its future-proof design, the Galaxy Fold also features eco-friendly packaging and delivers a premium lifestyle experience

The quest to design the ultimate smartphone, one that sees consumers block traffic in the long queues snaking out the store doors, is one every supplier and technology company seems to have as their focus. Not since the iPhone has the phone industry been so drastically transformed. Or rather, such was the case until October of this year when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold.

The unveiling came just weeks after Apple had dominated the headlines with the release of their newest batch of iPhones – the iPhone 11 – which had people talking thanks no doubt to their triggering triple camera set up and numerous features that “boost efficiency” and even include an app to measure just how long you use your apps, you know, because it’s not like we’re addicted to our screens already. But Samsung broke through the noise with the release of their first foldable phone. They’d teased the concept in November 2018, but fans could only twiddle their thumbs in anticipation of how the final form might actually look. What they were eventually presented with did not disappoint.

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Not surprisingly, the device has now opened up a new chapter of mobile device history and brands are now rushing to produce their own versions of what has become something of an iconic model.

The concept

For Samsung, the concept was one born out of necessity. With consumers leading more diversified lifestyles, their needs of technology have increased and the company sought to keep up. The Galaxy Fold features an all-new form factor with its Infinity Flex Display, providing the most natural holding experience for the user. Starting with the very basics of “folding” and what that action actually means for people in everyday life, Samsung analysed how things fold, and the advantages of it. Just looking at one’s morning routine, it becomes apparent just how much we’re obsessed with folding: we fold our clothes, our books, wallets.

The design team worked closely with the engineering team, looking for the most convenient and aesthetically pleasing design for a folding device. By constructing over 1,000 prototypes using a wide array of materials, they eventually settled on the idea of an in-folding design.

Key design elements

The design created by Samsung is one that allows for easy one-handed operation, something that was essential for Samsung. The full-screen experience is also comfortable and immersive, but ultimately the whole phone creates an experience that is seamless. With its large Infinity Flex Display, the phone has been designed to be the optimum size for carrying around when folded. The inward-folding hinge not only provides an intuitive and familiar folding sensation, but also helps protect the display. And with a total of six lenses across the device, users can also take pictures regardless of how they are holding the device.

A lifestyle experience

As Samsung states, “The packaging that the Galaxy Fold comes in has been created using eco-friendly materials – the first Samsung product to have this applied to all packaging parts. In another first for a Samsung product, the box has a multi-layer design, so that the full-screen experience of the Galaxy Fold can begin from the moment the user opens the box.”

This has all contributed to the phone being the ultimate lifestyle experience, with a design that lives up to the complete device.

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