These Are The Best Games Of 2019, As Announced By The Game Awards

27 December 2019
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All the titles you should be putting in a last-minute request to Santa for

Up until about five years ago, gaming awards were essentially doled out by individual magazines and didn't carry all that much weight. Then The Game Awards came along, and has since become the awards show by which games can be made for good.

A Game of the Year Award at the TGAs is a sure-fire ticket to gaming immortality, and as they're announced towards the end of each year, provide a perfect signpost towards the games that, if you haven't played them already, you should be getting in your consoles right now, while they're still relevant at least.

While in last year's edition two games in particular had truly spectacular nights, this year's awards were decidedly more of a mixed bag.

These are all the best-ofs from the world of gaming in 2019.

Game of The Year, Best Action/Adventure Game: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

A brutally difficult (yet slightly more accessible) adventure from the creators of Bloodborne and Dark SoulsSekiro defined itself as the year's best title through the use of unrelenting combat, a gorgeously directed Japanese environment, and raw, mystical storytelling that shone an entirely new light on the country's medieval society.

GOTY Nominees: Control, Death Stranding, Resident Evil 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, The Outer Worlds

Best Ongoing Game: Fortnite

In a year where constantly running multiplayer games have become almost the de facto game format for new developers, it was of course the multi-billion dollar juggernaut Fortnite that once again stood out above the competition.

Nominees: Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

A lawsuit filed against Fortnite claims that the developers hired psychologists to make the game addictive.

Best Narrative, Best Role Playing Game, Best Independent Game: Disco Elysium

The most prolific winner of the year was Disco Elysium, a stunning role-playing detective game where the player takes the role of a detective on a murder case who suffers from alcohol-induced amnesia. Darkly humorous, endlessly immersive and deeply layered, it'll suck you in like few games before it.

Nominees: A Plague Tale: Innocence, A Way Out, Control, Death Stranding, The Outer Worlds

Best Game Direction, Best Performance: Death Stranding (With Mads Mikkelsen as Cliff)

Easily the most divisive game of 2019, Hideo Kojima's seminal work nonetheless made masterful use of its star-studded cast to create a game that tells a story of life and death in the most unique way we've ever seen.

Games For Impact: GRIS

"I was crying before I even finished the tutorial," says one player of Gris, a heartfelt side-scrolling game that was also featured in Apple's Best Apps of 2019 list. Grounded by beautifully minimalist art direction and a heartfelt, magical story of a young girl's journey through sorrow and grief, it's a game about finding hope and colour in dark places, immersively imagined.

Nominees: Concrete GenieKind WordsLife Is Strange 2Sea of Solitude

Best VR/AR Game: Beat Saber

A growing category and proof that the VR revolution is still very much alive, Beat Saber continues to stand above the rest with a combination of physical, work-up-a-sweat immersion and addictive, Guitar Hero-esque musical gameplay.

Best Action Game: Devil May Cry 5

Capcom's esteemed Devil May Cry series welcomed its fifth chapter with a modern, well-received take on the long-established Demon-hunting series.

Nominees: Apex LegendsAstral ChainCall of Duty: Modern Warfare, Gears 5, Metro: Exodus

Best Sports/Racing Game: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Activision were always going to have a hit on their hands if they pulled off their CTR remake, and lo and behold, they did, capturing the magic of one of your favourite PS1 arcade racers completely.

Nominees: Dirt Rally 2.0Pro Evolution Soccer 2020FIFA 20Madden 20

Best Fighting Game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The release of a new Smash Bros. is guaranteed to be one of the defining moments in any year of gaming, and Ultimate of course delivered on the hype with a host of new characters and more multiplayer potential than ever.

Nominees: Dead or Alive 6, Jump Force, Mortal Kombat XI, Samurai Shodown

Best Multiplayer Game: Apex Legends

Now firmly entrenched as the most compelling alternative to Fornite, Apex Legends combines the first-person action of Black Ops 4 with Fortnite's more relaxed take on the battle royale format. The end result is approachable, satisfying, and of course, thoroughly addictive.

Nominees: Borderlands 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Tetris 99, Tom Clancy's The Division 2

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