This $100k iPhone Has A Gold Luxury Watch Embedded In Its Back

04 November 2019
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Images: Courtesy of Caviar
Designed to "underline your inaccessible wealth and impress people around you with an unbelievable accessory"

There used to be a time when luxury phones stood for everything that was wrong about modern culture. They were clunky, they were often shit as actual phones, and they were often so expensive no-one could possibly justify them. We all remember the days of Lamborghini or Porsche stamping their name onto a crap carbon-fibre-trimmed Android that was already about a year obsolete by the time it came out.

Those days are over, though, and the state of modern luxury means it's all about having the latest and greatest. Apple are even considering a subscription service for their iPhones to keep up with consumer demand. And that means the luxury phone makers of the world — of which there are many — have to keep innovating with each new phone release.

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Russian brand Caviar, which was founded in 2004 as the result of Italian jeweler Elia Giacometti being let loose on an iPhone 4, has long stood at the forefront of this scene. But their latest creation is perhaps their gaudiest yet: a six-figure iPhone 11 that puts a bona-fide luxury watch into the back of your handset. You probably won't want to drop this one.

Over half a kilo of 18 karat gold goes into the back of every "Discovery Solarius" phone, which has been hewn into a housing for an exquisitely crafted Tourbillon luxury watch face, "the endless rotations of which embody the inexhaustible life energy [scientifically incorrect, but okay] of the Sun." It's also embedded with 137 diamonds, with a yellow diamond sunstones sitting at the clock face's number 12 position.

At the very least, it's useful should you ever want to check the time without having to unlock your phone, right?

A 64GB variant of the phone will set you back just a smidge over $100,000 AUD, with 512GB variants selling for about a grand more per piece. Caviar will also give the same treatment to the larger iPhone 11 Pro Max. Caviar's website seems to claim that only 1 of each phone will be made, but their sales pitch is great.?

"If you wish to sense the pleasant heaviness of a gold bar in your hand, if you want to underline your inaccessible wealth and impress people around you with an unbelievable accessory," their website reads, "Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius is created for you definitely!"

If you're sold, you can check out their website now.

Via GQ Australia