This $145,000 Louis Vuitton Foosball Table Is A Work Of Art

13 May 2020
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Games night, anyone?

The coronavirus lockdown has brought to our attention more pieces of insanely expensive, incredibly luxurious and ultra-rare home decor than we could ever imagine. There's the $380,000 pool table reserved exclusively for Rolls-Royce Owners, a $17,000 espresso machine based on a Porsche 911 engine, a bed that costs more than a Bentley, and even a wild variety of four-figure LEGO sets with which you you easily burn a lazy afternoon or two.

And while all of these deserve true centrepiece status in just about any luxury crib, none of these come with the kind of prestige that Louis Vuitton's iconic monogram offers. Which is what makes their latest edition to their luxury games line so special: a hand-built, leather lined Foosball table that should near be in a museum.

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Louis Vuitton’s Flower Show

Louis Vuitton's afinitiy with the sporting world forms an often-forgotten, yet intrinsic part of the brand's culture. The Parisian house regularly releases collections and collaborations to celebrate major sporting events, from the World Cup to the League of Legends esports world championship, all inspired by Louis Vuitton’s grandson, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, who had a famous love of sports and games.

Their retail games line is also often updated, with luxury playing cards, dice sets and cases all readily available year-round. All of this should make their decision to randomly drop a foosball table less of a surprise than it actually is.

Still, the result is truly stunning, the tables are  handcrafted by the same arm of Louis Vuitton that also works to create custom, made-to-order trunks and cases, some of which have been used to carry things like the FIFA World Cup and NBA championship trophies.

The tables come in two distinct models, with the "entry-level" set-up clad in LV-monogrammed canvas in a choice of either the fashion house's trademark brown or black and grey. The even boujee-er models have the exterior trim swapped out for a choice of different plush leathers.

Of course, the details don't stop there. LV-specific workmanship is apparent across the entire table. The players on the table themselves are modeled after Louis Vuitton’s “Groom,” the character from the house’s 1921 advertising image, while the house's flower monogram is also embossed into the counting chips used to keep score.

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You Can Now Buy Louis Vuitton Online In The UAE

All of this will naturally set you back a pretty penny. The canvas monogrammed-variant will set you back $117,000, while the leather table is a cool $145,000. To find out more, hit up LV's website.

Via GQ Australia