This $17k Espresso Machine Is Built To Look Like A Porsche 911 Engine

10 May 2020
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Start the day with a Boxerccino

In recent weeks, I came into possession of my first proper coffee machine. It's an impressive bit of kit, all chrome, brushed steel and Italian branding. It's a hell of a centrepiece to have for your kitchen, even if the barista operating it has all the skill and finesse of a 6-year-old.

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Even so, a coffee machine is a proven, timeless and universal way to prompt coos of admiration from anyone who dares enter your now-significantly more classy food space. So imagine the kind of reactions you'll draw if you install one of these bad boys.

Made by luxury coffee machine company Super Veloce, the RS Black espresso machine is modelled after the iconic boxer six engines that Porsche have fitted to its legendary 911 model throughout the car's near 50 year history. It adds to a roster of truly awe inspiring coffee machines that Super Veloce model after well-renowned automotive and aviation engines throughout history, from the V12 engines that powered Formula One throughout its golden era, to the turbine jet engines that have helped take international jet-sets all over the world.

All of Super Veloce's machines are made from the highest-quality materials to create a construction that truly reflects the racing spirit of the engines they're designed to emulate. "Handcrafted from only the finest aerospace-grade material such as surgical stainless steel, aluminium alloy, titanium, and of course carbon fibre, the Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition is the perfect combination of elegance and muscle, all packed in one luxurious espresso machine," reads the website's description.

The RS Black is based specifically on the flat-six that powered Porsche's 911 GT1 car to victory at Le Mans in the late '90s and helped the 993 generation of the model earn the title 'King of Porsches'.

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All of this naturally comes at a staggering price. before tax and shipping, it clocks in at just over $11,111 USD.

Of course, we're sure it makes a bloody good coffee too. It is Italian, after all. We just hope you can texture milk equally as well. To find out more, head to Super Veloce's website.

Via GQ Australia