This $380,000 Pool Table Is Reserved Exclusively For Rolls-Royce Owners

04 May 2020
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Images: Courtesy of Eleven Ravens
Just five examples will be made

You don't generally buy something as boujee as a Rolls-Royce without the prior knowledge that you have somewhere equally impressive to keep it safe while showing it off at the same time. Previously, such a place would be the pristine pebbled driveway of a country manner, after it's been wheeled around by one's butler, of course. But modern day rich folk seem more to go in for batcave-style purpose built garages that serve as something of a hybrid between Tony Stark's basement and a car museum.

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But what does such a person furnish such an area with? Well, if you're to go with the official recommendation of Rolls-Royce, it's something like this: a $243,960.00 USD pool table crafted by luxury purveyor of hand-built games tables 11 Ravens.

The Stealth, which can be used as both a pool table and a ping pong table (what good is spending that much if you're not going to get some value, after all), is made from an aircraft-grade aluminium frame, panelled in this case with eye-catching 14 carat gold and lucite. A removable table top can be placed on top to allow the table to function for either table tennis or dining, while the pool surface is naturally furnished with pro-spec materials. Custom billiard balls and cues are also included.

A series of LED lights and precious crystals make for some of the table's finer details, setting it apart as a true centrepiece for just about any rich dude's play pen.

You may have heard about 11 Ravens and their vastly expensive range of pool, ping-pong and air hockey tables before. In fact, they've somewhat cornered the market for tables that are hand-crafted from luxury materials like oak, leather and aluminium, producing sleek designs with a pristine premium edge that wouldn't look at all out of place in a home owned by Bobby Axelrod.

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Now though, the Anaheim-based company's latest design, an ultra-luxe version of their existing Stealth model, has taken its ambition even further. And it's been made exclusively for certified owners of Rolls-Royce's motorcars. A perfect match for that Rolls-Royce honey they presumably just came into possession of.

Just five of the tables will be made, all of which have presumably already sold out. If this has piqued your curiosity though, you can find out more at 11 Ravens' website.

Via GQ Australia