This Foldable iPhone Concept Video Is Wild Viewing

28 May 2020
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Image: Youtube
Featuring a controversial iPhone flip design that has many pondering if a foldable phone is really in Apple’s future

Regardless of whether we really need a foldable phone or not, the tech giants are going in guns-blazing when it comes to designing the next best gadget.

Since the smartphone first came into our lives, it’s all anyone can do but keep up with the latest developments and iterations of their beloved phones. Cameras are getting more professional, dark mode is saving our retinas from complete exhaustion, and connectivity is hitting us faster than doomsday preppers raiding the toilet paper aisle of the local store at the height of COVID-19 lockdown. But despite all this progress and our craving for it, the foldable phone hasn’t got everyone convinced and you need only look at this wild concept video of a foldable iPhone to see why it’s proving so controversial.

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Uploaded by #iOS beta news, the two-minute concept video shows a 3D prototype of an iPhone 11 Pro model that can fold and shut and even has a small display located on one half of its rear. To top things off, the phone is complemented with a hole punch camera in the front and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max’s stove top rear camera array.

Named simply the “iPhone Flip,” the 3D phone presents a pretty insane vision of something that could well be in Apple’s future.

Of course, it’s not actually designed by Apple, but that hasn’t stopped the company from expressing its desire to enter the foldable smartphone market. In February of 2019, Apple unveiled a blueprint for their first foldable phone. The foldable patent application described a display with hinges that can fold in half or in thirds. The display could then be used in anything from phones and tablets to laptops, wearables and even mobile accessories.

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We might be a long way off from seeing what Apple’s blueprint translates to in real life, but this concept video is a good indication of what could be possible for the tech giant. That said, the video glosses over the issues many foldable phones have in the real world, such as screen creasing and hinges that prove faulty, or are easily prone to breaking. Whether Apple’s foldable phone of the future looks anything like this is anyone’s guess, but hey, it’s sure to give Samsung a run for its money.

Via GQ Australia