To Celebrate The Walkman’s 40th Anniversary, Sony Are Reviving Two New Models

10 September 2019
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The Sony Walkman first hit shelves on July 1, 1979 for about $150. Now we can expect two new models in 2019, but they won’t be cheap

Let's talk about someting that'll make you feel old. We hate to inform you of this, but the Sony Walkman, that device which transformed the way we consume music, is celebrating its 40th birthday.

Back in the day where music to be listened to had to be lugged around in the form of numerous cassettes and CDs, or alternatively just the one that you replayed on loop, the Walkman was the hot commodity. This of course was before our phones stored a catalogue of songs we could flick through at random.

Thanks to the visionary innovation of Sony’s then-chairman Akio Morita, the Sony Walkman hit shelves in 1979 for about $150. Music became something to be consumed in motion, we could fashion a soundtrack for our lives in real time, and with it came those intimate moments were headphones were affectionately shared with a crush just so we could smoosh our faces together, strain our eardrums and steady our breathing as we listened to the song.

And in the ultimate dose of nostalgia, Sony is now bringing back two new models of the portable music player in celebration of the big 4-0 birthday bash: the Sony NW-A 100TPS and the lower-end Sony NW-A105.

The models do come with some notable changes, as you’d expect in a music landscape where cassettes are no longer the industry standard. Sony modernised its Walkman with the appropriate hardware upgrades, with both models running with an Androis OS and featuring an S-Master HX digital amplifier for the best quality audio. There’s also a DSEE HX processor to polish compressed audio, a vinyl processor for those looking for the vintage sound, a USB-C charging port, Bluetooth features, an expandable 16GB storage capacity and a 3.6” touch panel.

The only difference between the pair of reboots comes in the form of design, as the NW-A 100TPS is decked out with a 40th anniversary logo, a cassette tape interface, a special case and packaging similar to the original Walkman. Meanwhile, without the anniversary embellishments, the NW-A105 comes in at a cheaper price.

It’s reported that the new models will be launched later this year, with an estimated price of $599. It’s not cheap, but for a piece of history, it might just be worth it – even if just for the sake of novelty.

Via GQ Australia